Maharashtra Board Class 8 Math Area Chapter Practice Set 1 Solution

Maha Board (MSBHSE) Class 8 Math (गणित) Area Practice Set 15.1 Solution (Page No. 95) in our website. Here candidates of Marathi Medium & English Medium of Maharashtra State can follow this to get Most Easy Solution of Maharashtra Board Class 8 Chapter 15: Area (Practice Set 15.1).

Maharashtra Board Class 8 Math Practice Set 15.1 Solution | BalBharati Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 15 Solution:

Subject Mathematics (गणित)
Class 8 (८)
Chapter 15
Practice Set 15.1

Practice Set 15.1 Solution (Page No. 95)


(1) If base of a parallelogram is 18 cm and its height is 11 cm, find its area.

(2) If area of a parallelogram is 29.6 sq cm and its base is 8 cm, find its height.


(3) Area of a parallelogram is 83.2 sq cm. If its height is 6.4 cm, find the length of its base.


(1) Area of Square = Side x Side
(2) Area of Rectangle = Length x Breadth
(3) Area of Right Angled Triangle = 1/2 x Product of Sides making Right Angle.
(4) Area of Triangle = 1/2 x base x height
(5) Area of Parallelogram = base x height.

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