Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Chapter 3.4 Leisure Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3.4 – Leisure

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3.4: Leisure. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 8 get here Leisure full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 8

English Solution



(1) Say Where

(a) do the cows and sheep stand?

Ans:- They stand beneath the boughs of trees.

(b) do squirrels store their food?

Ans:- They store their food in grass.

(c) do stars shine in the daytime?

Ans:- They shine in streams full of water.

(d) does Beauty’s smile begin?

Ans:- Beauty’s smile begin in her eyes.

(2) Think and answer in your own words.

(a) What could have inspired the poet to compose this poem? Do you think it relates to our present day life? Defend your choice.

Ans:- In that poem the poet seems to be worried and sad, The poet say that the life is worth living. Because it is full of anxieties beauty’s of nature scattered around us, but it is pitty that we people don’t have any time. The poet must have seen peoples are too busy in their duties from morning to night. The entire line every people don’t have any time to relax and enjoy the natures beauty which around them. This fact much have inspired the poet to write this poem. Yes it is too much relates to our present day situation/day life. Every time we keep on moving and running about the materialistic world, wanting for more. We keep on going in to the rat race. But we don’t have the leisure time or any leisure moment. We don’t  have free time for enjoyment and for relaxation. Because we made our schedule so busy that we have lost the glory or lost the time to admire the nature. As we just have to go on and nature.  As we just have to go on and go on with our work.

(b) Which line proves that in our busy lives we do not even have a fraction of a second to enjoy nature’s beauty?

Ans:- “ A poor life this is full of care we have no time to stand and stare.

(c) ‘Beauty’ in stanza 5 to 6 can refer to a beautiful maiden as well as nature itself. Explain when and how nature ‘dances’ and also ‘smiles’.

Ans:- Nature is always dancing when the slow breeze blowing, it just tries to move the heads of the trees. That means in that time nature is dancing. When the fields is full of crops.  Natures here dancing like a girl. The leaves of the trees move with the wind. Even in the clouds the sun and the moon movements also shows that nature is dancing It is not stationary.

When the sky is clear, there is no storm, no dark clouds, the sun spreads her light all over the world, than the nature smiles. Everything is peaceful calm and beautiful. This shows that nature is smiling, Nature is happy so she smiles.

(d) Why does the poet call our life ‘poor’?

Ans:- Here poor dose not refer to not having money or living below the poverty line. Here the word poor refers to not having leisure time mean free time, our lives have no meaning, because we are too busy to our busy scheduled. We cannot have any time to live and feel the beautify of nature. We are too attached to our hobbies or activities. So we have no leisure time. All the time we are rushing about our work and our duties. We have become clown in our lives hence the poet calls used lives poor.

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