Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Chapter 3.3 The Last Leaf Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3.3 – The Last Leaf

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3.3: The Last Leaf. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 8 get here The Last Leaf full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 8

English Solution


The Last Leaf

(1.) (a) Struggling artists

(i) artists fighting with one another

(ii) artists trying hard to earn a living

(iii) artists painting war scenes

Ans. (ii) artists trying hard to earn a living

(b) Skeleton branches

(i) bones branching out from joints

(ii) leafy branches

(iii) bare branches

Ans. (iii) bare branches

(c) Wielded the brush

(i) painted skillfully

(ii) broke the brush

(iii) joined the broken brush

Ans. (i) painted skillfully

(d) Palette

(i) the tip of the brush

(ii) a board used by artists to mix colours

(iii) a fancy dinner plate

Ans. (ii) a board used by artists to mix colours

(e) Masterpiece

(i) a master who promotes peace

(ii) the very first creation of an artist

(iii) an exceptionally beautiful work of art

Ans. (iii) an exceptionally beautiful work of art


(3)  State the facts about the story.

 Main characters :  Johnsy, sus, Mr Behrman and the Doctor.

 Problem: Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia. She felt she would die when the last leaf of the iry vine fell.

 Attempts made to solve it : sue spoke to her and tried to make her understand. Doctor spoke to her. Nothing really helped.

Climax Turning point: When the last leaf did not fall. Thonsy realised, she was wrong and wicked, she realized that it was a sin to want to die.

 Problem solved: Johnsy removed the thought of dying from her mind she decided to have her milk and broth and even hoped to paint the boy of Naples some day.

 End : The man who painted the ivy vine lead on the wall, Mr. Behrman got wet when he was painting and got ill with pneumonia . This man who helped Johnsy to live, died after 2 days.

(4) Say whether the following statements are right or wrong.

 (a) Sue and Johnsy were very close friends.

Ans:- Right

 (b) Sue was a rich girl.


(c) Johnsy was hopeful that she will live.

Ans:- Wrong

(d) Behrman was a hard – hearted person.

Ans:- Wrong

(e) The last leaf fell off during the rain.


 (f) Johnsy realised that her thinking was wrong.


 (g) Behrman did not know anything about the last leaf on the ivy. Ans:-Wrong

(5) Correct the following statements.

 (a) Sue and Johnsy were good neighbours.

Ans:- They shared a flat and set up a joint studio.

 (b) Johnsy was eager to recover from her illness.

Ans:- She had made up her mind that she was not going to get well.

(c) Sue ignored Johnsy completely.

Ans:- Sue took very good care of johnsy.

(d) Behrman was a very heartless person.

Ans:-Behrman was a very kind person.

(e) The real ivy leaf did not fall off at all.

Ans:- The real ivy vine fell in the heary rain.

 (f) The last leaf was a real leaf that survived

Ans:- The last leaf was the leaf that Mr. Behrman had painted on the wall.

(6) Read the descriptions of the following from the story and describe any one of them using your own words.

Ans:-  The ivy vine:-  The ivy vine was old, gnarled and decayed at the roots. It had climbed only half way up the brick wall. Most of the leaves had fallen due to the cold breath of autumn. Only the skeleton branches of the ivy vine were left, clinging of the bricks wall.

 Behrman:- Mr. Bahaman was a painter who lived on the ground floor. He was a failure in arts. He had been waiting for 40 years. But had not made much money, he  had only a few painting. Mr. Behrman’s masterpiece was the ivy vines left that he painted on the wall. This painting says johnsy’s life but ended his life.

 The last leaf that Johnsy saw:-  Johnsy thought that the lastly of the ivy vine had not dropped and she decided not to think of dying. Actually the last leaf had dropped in the rain. The leaf that Johnsy saw, was the leaf that Mr. Behraman had painted on the wall to save Johnsy’s life.

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