Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Chapter 3.1 The Plate of Gold Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3.1 – The Plate of Gold

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3.1: The Plate of Gold. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 8 get here The Plate of Gold full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 8

English Solution


The Plate of Gold

(1) Pick out words from the poem to complete the sentences meaningfully.

 (a) Stephen Hawking was a ______ (famous) Astrophysicist.

Ans:- Renowned.

 (b) The Government made a ______ (announcement) about their new taxation policy.

Ans:- Proclamation.

(c) Everyone stood ______ (horrified) when the terrible accident took place.

Ans:- Aghast.

(d) She ______ (bargained) with the hawker to reduce the price.

Ans:- Wrangled.

 (e) Handicapped people should never be ______ (ignored and avoided)


(2) Make a list of archaic words from the poem and give their modern equivalents.

Archaic words Modern equivalents
(1) Wondrous Wonderful
                (2) Drop Dropped
                (3) Loveth Loves
                (4) Word Presented
                 (5) Writ Written
                 (6) Thou You
                 (7) Thy Your
(8) O’er Over
(9) Thine your

(3) Rearrange the following in the proper order and insert them into a flow chart as per the poem.

(5) ‘But the peasant bowed and prayed to God ____’ What could he have prayed for?

Ans:- The peasant must have prayed to God, thanking him for the gift of the plate of gold. He also asked God to give him the strength to loved his fellow men and always stand by them for their need. The peas an ‘prayed to the God that God to be with him and make him more loving and caring. He also asked God to help everyone who are needy and also prayed to bear their troubles.

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