Maharashtra Board Class 7 History Chapter 1 Sources of History Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 History Solution Chapter 1 – Sources of History

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 7 History Solution Chapter 1: Sources of History. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 7 get here Sources of History full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 7

History And Civics Solution


1 (One)
Chapter Name

Sources of History

(1) Complete the names of the following sources of history.

I ________ d

t ________ h

b ________ r

p ________ a

I _________ i _____ i __ n

m ______ u ______ t








(2) Let’s write.

(1) What do monuments include ?

(2) What is a Tarikh?

(3) What qualities of the author are important in the writing of history?

(3) Find the odd man out.

(1) Material sources, written sources, unwritten sources, oral sources.

(2) Monuments, coins, cave sculptures, stories

(3) Bhurjapatras, temples, treatises, paintings.

(4) Owis, tarikhs, folk tales, myths


(4) Explain the following concepts.

(1) Material sources

Answers: These sources provide insight about that period. Looking at them, We come to know about the development of architecture, the economic condition, the quality of art, the style of the building construction and people’s standard of living in that period. Fort have an important place among material sources.

(2) Written sources

Answers: The significant historical event in the medieval period are learned from the sources of writting styles of script like Arabic, Persian etc. We can gather information about peoples’s life, etc, This type of sources are called ‘Written Sources’.

(3) Oral sources

Answers: Various aspects of folk life is understood through folk literature, traditionally passed on from generation to generation. e.g. Owis, folk, Songs, Myths, etc.

(5) Is it necessary to evaluate sources of history? Give your opinion.

(6) Write why in your words.

(1) A stone inscription is considered to be an authentic source of history.

Answer: A stone inscription helps us to understand features like the language, script, social life of a period.

(2) Oral sources reveal various aspects of people’s lives.

Answer: Oral sources are the main source of communication. People get to know about others happenings in life by oral communication.

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