Maharashtra Board Class 7 Geography Chapter 10 Human Settlements Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 Geography Solution Chapter 10 – Human Settlements

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 7 Geography Solution Chapter 10: Human Settlements. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 7 get here Human Settlements full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 7

Geography Solution


Human Settlements

Q.1. Answer in short.

(1) Explain the various types of human settlements.

A:- The answers are given below under Extra Questions and Answers Notes.

(2) Differentiate between nucleated and scattered settlements.


Nucleated Settlements Scattered Settlements
The houses in this settlement are very close. The house in this settlement are very scattered
Such settlements are usually based on water sources or agricultural land Such settlements are usually formed in hilly terrain
A good relationship developed between the residents of this settlement. As this settlement is scattered, good relations between the neighbors cannot be developed.

(3) Explain the natural factors affecting the location of human settlements.


The flat terrain is conducive to settlement expansion.

Agriculture is the main livelihood of the people. So settlements developed in areas with fertile soils.

If the climate of a region is comfortable, settlements can be formed there.

(5) Differentiate between a hamlet and a village.


Hamlet Village
Hamlets size is much smaller. A village is made up of many hamlets.
The inhabitants of hamlet depend on the natural resources of the region for their livelihood. The residents here are associated with agriculture and farming.
The demand and opportunities for education health employment in hamlets are very low. The demand and opportunities for education health employment villages are higher than in hamlet.

  1. 2. Identify the types of human settlements from the following statements.

(1) Their money and time is saved by living on the farm. – Scattered settlements.

(2) There is a lot of social life in this settlement. – Nucleated settlements.

(3) Shops are located on both the sides of the road. – Linear settlements.

(4) This settlement is found at the foothills of mountains or along the coast. – Linear settlements.

(5) Each house is located away from the other. – Scattered settlement.

(6) This settlement is good from a security point of view. – Nucleated settlements.

(7) Having houses away from each other is good for health. – Scattered settlements.

(8) The houses are too close to each other. – Nucleated settlement.

Extra Questions and Answers Notes:

1.) On what conditions do people build settlements?

A:- People usually build settlements depending on water supply, pleasant weather, fertile land etc.

2.) Write the characteristics of scattered settlements.

A:- Scattered settlements are when a number of families build isolated settlements on the surface of the earth due to natural socio economic and psychological reasons. The characteristics of this settlement are –

The distance between the settlements is so great that the relations between the inhabitants of the settlements do not develop in such a way.

There is a lack of security at high distance between settlements.

The opportunities for education and treatment in these areas are very limited.

Transportation and communication system in the settlements are not improved.

The settlements are quite small in size.

3.) Write the characteristics of Nucleated settlements.

A:- When people build a settlement together in a certain place for their own needs, it is called nucleated settlements. The characteristics of this settlement are –

In such settlements the houses are located very close.

Economic and social opportunities are more available in such settlements.

Roads are very narrow in such old settlements.

In such settlements good relations developed between the inhabitants.

4.) Write the characteristics of Linear settlements

A:- A settlements that follows a road, railroad, river etc extends longitudinally and forms a linear design is called a linear settlement. .

The characteristics of this settlement are –

The houses in this settlement are located along a line.

In this settlement the roads are parallel to the house.

Due to constraints these settlements could not be more extensive.

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