Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Chapter 4.4 Home Sweet Home Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 4.4 – Home Sweet Home

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 4.4: Home Sweet Home. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 7 get here Home Sweet Home full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 7

General English Solution


Home Sweet Home

(1.) Write in your own words.

(a) How does the poet glorify his home in the first stanza?

Ans. In the first stanza the poet talks about the beauty of his home. The poet told that he also loves his home. He wonder many places, which makes him happy and give him pleasures. But no places like his home. He get relief only in his beautiful home, which is so humble also. The poet thought that some magical charm from the sky that makes his home more beautiful and pure also. He said his name is simple but attractive and peaceful. The poet visited many places but no places is like his home that’s why he likes his home too much.

(b) How does the poet describe his home in the second stanza?

Ans. The poet was travelling all over the world. He visited many beautiful places for long time. But altime he misses his house. As it was like a cottage in small size. Where birds are singing happily and they cheering us with their song, that gives the peace of mind. All of then are very closest to my heart and they all were dearer to me. That’s why poet said his home is very sweet, no places like that. So he like his home too much.

(c) What makes the poet remember his mother?

Ans. When the poet walked on the path and looked at the moon he thought that his mother would be think about her child mean his mother thought about him. His mother also looked at that moon from their own cottage door. The pleasant smell of the tree should also makes the poet’s mood happy and calm. All this incidents make the poet to remember his mother.

(d) What does the poet miss ?

Ans. The poet misses his childhood his birth place, his cottage which is simple and inexpensive but it gave relief and comfort to the actually misses the place of his childhood where he used to spend his time . He imagines that the places which he is enjoying the nature, and feel the beauty of them. As he live out of his home and travelled many places which gives him a expensive lifestyle, but he misses his amazing lifestyle that he only get from his home sweet home.

(e) What does the poet hope for?

Ans. A the poet roams many places, many cities, but he misses his sweet and humble place mean his home. The poet comes from work and overcome many troubles, at last when he entered in his home, it gives him comfort. After returning home he wouldn’t go anywhere. So the poet hopes for his returning home, in his beautiful simple cottage again. In this world no places is like his home.

(f) In which professions is a person forced to stay away from his home/ homeland for a long time ? Try to guess why the poet is forced to stay away from his home ?

Ans. Army professions is a person.

Forces to stay away from his home/ home land for a long time.


Army. Because people from army stay away from their home / homeland.

The poet is forced to stay away from his name because he was a poet and for his noble and story writing he needs a peaceful places and surroundings. For his work stay far from his house.

(2.) Write out a few things that you would really miss about your home if you were to stay away from it for long.

Ans. Firstly I miss my family too much. I miss both my mother and father. I also miss my sister and brother with them the fights also. I*t is really feeling bad to live alone without my lovable family and family members specially its really hard to stay without Mom in anywhere. I miss the tasty and delicious food of my sweet mother. So it is truly a bad experience to live without my family.

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