Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Chapter 3.1 Tartary Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 3.1 – Tartary

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 3.1: Tartary. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 7 get here Tartary full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 7

English Solution



(1) Find the words that mean the following from the first stanza.

(1) Gold hammered into a flat, thin shape:_______

Ans: – beatan gold

(2) show off proudly:_____

Ans: – fluant

(3) tilt, move at an angle:_______

Ans: – slant

(4) across, especially in a slanting direction:______

Ans: – athwart

(2) Find the names of the exotic musical instruments and animals mentioned in the poem.

Ans: – Exotic Musical instruments in the poem are – flute, harp and mandoline.

Animals mentioned are fishes, zebras, tigers, and peacock.

(3) In the last stanza, there are three four-letter words that refer to a beautiful valley.

They are: _______,  _________,  ________

Ans: – vale, glen, dale

(4) From the poem, find three lines that use comparisons.

Ans: – (a) Her trembling lake like fomless sea.

(b) And clustered thick as seeds.

(c) Yellow as honey, red as wine.

(5) Colour, sound and images from nature add to the beauty of a poem: ‘Tartary’ is a perfect example of the above. Pick out lines that contain-

Ans: – (a) colour

(1) Her rivers, silver pale

(2) And in the evening lamp would shine, yellow as honey, red as wine

(3) I’d wear a robe of breads and gold

(4) In every purple vale.

(b) Sounds: –

(1) Trumpeters everyday to every meal would summon me.

(2) While harp and flute and madoline made music sweet and gey.

(c) Images from nature: –

(1) Her flashing stars, her scented breeze

(2) Her river silver pale

(3) Her bird – delighting citron trees

(4) Gen, thicket, wood and dale

(5) And in my pools great fishes slant.

(6) Complete the following phrases with the help of the poem.

Ans: –

Sweet and gay music

Silver – pale rivers

Scented breeze

Trembling lake

Bird delighting citron-trees

(7) Write about the daily routine of the ‘Lord of Tartary’ in 8-10 lines.

Ans: – In the poem the poet wished to be the Lord of Tartary and expressed his desire to lead a Luxurious life.

His place must look like the courtroom of a king

There must be the sound of trumpets and bugles at his cart

Royal meal must be served to him.

He must own various birds and wild animal

He wished to dress up like a king and wanted to ride a carriage driven by seven zebras.

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