Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Chapter 2.2 The Souvenir Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 2.2 – The Souvenir

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 2.2: The Souvenir. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 7 get here The Souvenir full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 7
Subject English Solution
Chapter The Souvenir

(1) Guess the meaning of the following words:






Write the smaller are related words that you see within these words.

Ans: – Exorbitanly – The meaning of exorbitonly is large amount or in large quality or unreasonably high.

Related words are excessively, devilishly.

Precautions – Meaning is care taken in advance.

Related smaller words are defence safe guard provision.

Unauthorised meaning is done without permission.

Relatable smaller words are illegal offensive.

Repeatedly – meaning is constantly or which happen over and over again related smaller words are – always, continually, endlessly.

Enthusiastically – Meaning is showing intense and egar enjoyment interests or approval.

Related smaller words is warm fully.

(4) Imagine you are Sayali, Write your diary for everyday of your trip to the moon and for the day you gave the earrings to your mother.

Ans: –


28th May, 2018

11.30 pm

Dear Diary,

After spending the day on walking the soil of the moon, it feels joyous and I am pleases to have such a trip.

The weather there is cold, so every time I go there. I carry some warm clothes with me.

Today I bought an earning for my mother. When I gave it to her she was very happy and thrilled to see them. She even said ‘Sayali’, ‘I am proud of you’.

She said that it was the most beautiful gift. She has ever got. The earnings was also very beautiful. Well t was a peaceful day for me.

Good night

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