Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Chapter 2.1 From a Railway Carriage Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 2.1 – From a Railway Carriage

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 2.1: From a Railway Carriage. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 7 get here From a Railway Carriage full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 7
Subject English Solution
Chapter From a Railway Carriage

(2) Find pairs of rhyming words from the poem

Ans: –

Fairies – Witches

Houses – Ditches

Battle – Cattle

Eye – By

Rain – Again

Scrambles – Brambles

Gazes – Daisies

Road – Load

River – Ever

(3) Write the following

(1) The sights seen through a railway carriage mentioned in the first Stanza.

Ans: – Bridges, Houses, Hedges, Ditches. Meadows, Horse and Cattle

(2) The sights mentioned in the second stanza

Ans: – The sights mentioned in the second stanza are Hills and plains and painted station.

(3) The sight mentioned in the third stanza?

Ans: – The sight mentioned in the third stanza are child gathering brambles tramps and green grasses grow.

(4) Think and answer

(1) Why are the sights said to fly?

Ans: – The sights are said to ‘fly’ to give us the great spread of the rain. Because for this rain the sights of the hill and plain looks so beautiful.

(2) Does the last line make you happy or sad? Why?

Ans: – The last line makes me sad. Because through this poem we can understand that the poem is written about travelling. So when the journey was ended then all these sights, viewing parts, all the beautiful things, each and every glimpse will gone or end forever. I miss the journey that I feel and enjoyed it very much.

(5) List the times that begin with ‘Here’ or ‘And there’.

Also list the sentences or phrases that begin with ‘And there’.

These phrases and sentences tell us about things that appear one after the other as the carriage moves. Can we tell which ones are close to the train and which ones are at a distance? How?

Ans: – The lines that begin with ‘Here’ and ‘And here’.

‘Here is a child’

‘Here is a tramp’

‘Here is a cart’

‘And here is a mill’

The sentences or phrases that begin with ‘And there’ –

‘And there is the green’

and there is a river.

A child, a tramp, a cart and a mill that’s are closer to the train and the green and a river are at a distance.

When someone travelling in the train, that moves so fast. So which things, stays near to the train, that ones are visible clearly from the train. But which things are stays at a distance from the train, that things can’t clearly visible. So in that way we decided which things are closer to train and which things are at a distance to the train.

(6) Read the following

Charging along like troops in a battle fly as thick as driving rain.

Using your imagination Write one or two comparisons each with –

Like _______. as ____  as

Ans: – Life is like a dream. The girl looks like an angel.

The cat is a large as my back pack. You are as beautiful as rose. She is as beautiful as an angel.

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