Maharashtra Board Class 6 Solutions Civics

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Solutions Civics

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Important Question Chapter wise Download at here. Maharashtra Board Class 6 for Civics. Maha Board Class 6th Textbook Civics.

Maha Board Class 6th Civics Textbook All Questions. Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research Civics Book Class 6.

Book Type Text Book
Class 6th
Medium English
Subjects Civics


Our Local Government

CHAPTER – 1 – Our Life in Society

 (1)  Fill in the blanks.

(1) Man felt the need for ………….. for the day to day affairs of society to run smoothly.

(2) ……………. helps the development of people’s talents.

(3) We all have some emotional and some ………… needs, too.

(2) Answer in one sentence.

(1) Which are our basic needs ?

(2) Whose company do we like ?

(3) What opportunities does society provide us with ?

(3) What do you think? Answer in two or three sentences.

(1) How is a society formed ?

(2) Why is it necessary to set up a permanent system in society?

(3) What makes life in society more stable and organized?

(4) If there were no social institutions, what difficulties would we have faced ?

(4) What would you do in the following situations ?

(1) Your friend has forgotten to bring something they need in school.

(2) You meet a blind or otherwise handicapped person on the way.

CHAPTER – 2 – Diversity in Society

(1) Fill in the blanks.

(1) To live among a variety of communities is to experience……… .

(2) India is an important ……………. nation of the world.

(3) Cooperation makes …………….. in society healthier.

(2) Answer each of the following questions in one sentence.

(1) What is meant by cooperation?

(2) Why have we accepted the principle of secularism?

(3) Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.

(1) What is it that shows the unity in Indian society ?

(2) When do conflicts arise in society?

(3) What are the advantages of cooperation?

(4) You see two children quarrelling. What would you do?

(5) You are the Chief Minister of the School Cabinet. What are the functions you would perform?

CHAPTER – 3 – Rural Local Government Bodies

(1) Make a list of the functions of the Panchayat Samiti.

(3) What is your opinion?

(1) The Gram Panchayat levies various taxes.

(2) The number of Zilla Parishads is less than the total number of districts in Maharashtra.

(4) Complete the Table.

My Taluka, My Panchayat Samiti.

(1) Name of the Taluka ………..

(2) The name of the Chairman of the Panchayat Samiti ………..

(3) The name of the Deputy Chairman of the Panchayat Samiti ………..

(4) The name of the Block Development Officer ………..

(5) The name of the Block Education Officer ………..

(5) Write a brief note on

(1) The Sarpanch

(2) The Chief Executive Officer

CHAPTER – 4 – Urban Local Government Bodies

(1) Choose the right option and fill in the blanks.

(1) The first city in Maharashtra to have a Municipal Corporation …………… . (Nagpur, Mumbai, Latur)

(2) The body that looks after the administration of places that are in the process of becoming cities ……. . (Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayat)

(3) The Office bearer who supervises the work of the Municipal Council. (Chief Officer, Executive Officer, Commissioner)

(2) Answer in brief.

(1) What problems do people face in cities ?

(2) Name the various committees of the Municipal Corporation.

(3) Make a chart giving information about the urban local government bodies according to the points given below.

Points Nagar Panchayat Municipal Council Municipal Corporation
Office Bearers      
Number of Members      

 CHAPTER – 5 – District Administration

(1) Answer in one sentence.

(1) Who heads the District Administration?

(2) What is the responsibility of the Tahsildar ?

(3) Which court is at the apex of the judiciary ?

(4) Which disasters can we be forewarned about ?

(2) Match the following.

Group A                                  Group B

(a) District Collector    (1) Taluka Magistrate

(b) District Court          (2) Maintaining law and order

(c) Tahsildar                  (3) Resolving disputes

(3) Discuss the following issues.

(1) Disaster Management

(2) Functions of the District Collector

(4) Which of the following positions would you like to be in, and why ?

(1) District Collector

(2) Chief of the District Police

(3) Judge


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