Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Natural Resources – Air, Water and Land Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 1 – Natural Resources – Air, Water and Land

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 1: Natural Resources – Air, Water and Land. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Natural Resources – Air, Water and Land  full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6


General Science Solution


Natural Resources – Air, Water and Land

(1.) Fill in the blanks.

(a) The layer of ozone gas absorbs ………… rays that come from the sun to the earth.

Ans. Ultra Violet.

(b) Of the total water available on the earth, fresh water forms …… percent.

Ans. Rain.

(c) Both ……. and ……… constituents are present in the soil.

Ans. Biotic & Abiotic.

(2.) Why is it said that – ?

(a) The ozone layer is a protective shell of the earth.

Ans. Because Ozon layer resists ultra violet rays on the earth surface & protect the earth.

(b) Water is life.

Ans. Because water is most important constituent in our daily life. It is used in various purpose. We will see that it is almost impossible for us to spend even a single day without water. We need to drink water. Without water we can not survive.

(c) Sea water is useful even though it is not potable.

Ans. We can use the sea water to make salt by evaporating it but it is also that we cannot use it directly for drinking as it is too much salty.

(3.) What will happen if –

(a) Microbes in the soil get destroyed.

Ans. (i) The soil looses more and more nutrients.

(ii) All soil respiration & soil nutrient cycling stops.

(iii) Planys won’t be able to grow on the soil anymore.

(b) The number of vehicles and factories in your surroundings increases.

Ans. (i) Air pollution have been happen.

(ii) Many more diseases increases day by day.

(iii) The balance of Atmosphere is destroyed day by day.

(iv) It is more harmful effect for earth.

(c) The total supply of potable water is finished

Ans. Potable water mean that natural water that is fit to drink. If all water on the planet becomes unfit for humans to drink, following will be happen.

If water can’t be made drinkable, we will die within days.

(4.) Match the following.

Group A Group B
(1) Carbon Di Oxide (a) Generation of dioxide soil
(2) Oxygen (b) Rain
(3) Water (c) Plants and vapour food production
(4) Microbes (d) Combustion


Group A Group B
(1) Carbon Di Oxide (c) Plants and vapour food production
(2) Oxygen (d) Combustion
(3) Water (b) Rain
(4) Microbes (a) Generation of dioxide soil

(5.) Name the following.

(a) Constituents of the biosphere – Hydrosphere, atmosphere, Lithosphere.

(b) Biotic constituents of soil- Water, Microorganisms.

(c) Fossil fuel- Natural gas, Oil, Coal.

(d) Inert gases in air- Argon, Neon, Helium.

(e) Gases that are harmful to the ozone layer- Chlorofluro Carbons.

(6.) True or false ?

(a) Land and soil are the same thing.

Ans. False.

(b) The water in a lake is called ground water.

Ans. False.

(c) It takes about 1000 years to form a 25 cm thick layer of soil.

Ans. False.

(d) Radon is used in decorative lights.

Ans. True.

(7.) Answer in your own words.

(a) Explain with the help of a diagram how soil is formed.


(b) Why is there a shortage of water even though it occupies about 71% of the earth’s surface?

Ans. Even though the earth is 71% water covered, water in oceans, seas & saline, groundwater make up about 97% of it & this can’t be used by us for drinking purpose.

(c) What are the various constituents of air ? Write their uses.

Uses of these constituents:-

Name the Constituents Uses
(i) Oxygen Necessary for respiration in living things & for combustion.
(ii) Nitrogen Help to build the necessary protein of living things.
(iii) Carbon Plant use it for making food.
(iv) Argon Use in electric bulb.

(d) Why are air, water and land considered to be valuable natural resources?

Ans. Air, Soil & Water is natures gift & not created by human beings. Even ones destroyed can never renewed. So they are considered natural resources.


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    1. Do it very shortly Aparna

      1. what is history

  2. how does soil erosion takes place

    1. soil erosion its a major issue. Its basically takes place for heavy rain. We can also say Deforestation. Its a big issue. As because due to deforestation Soil becomes loose. As we everyone know that Plants roots protect our Soil. So that heavy rain cant effect Soil erosion.

      Hope it helps. Thank You

  3. what is natural resouers

    1. Resources from the Nature like we are using Oxygen for living, it is a natural resource.

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