Maharashtra Board Class 6 Geography Chapter 9 Energy Resources Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Geography Solution Chapter 9 – Energy Resources

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 Geography Solution Chapter 9: Energy Resources. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Energy Resources full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6


Geography Solution


Energy Resources

(A) What resource will have to be used for the following work –

(1) Rohan wants to fly a kite -> Wind energy

(2) People in an Adivasi hamlet have to be protected from the cold -> Solar energy (Heater)

(3) Cooking on a picnic -> Natural has (coal)

(4) Salma wants to iron her cloths -> Heat energy

(5) Starting a railway engine -> Coal (Natural gas)

(6) Heating water for a bath -> Bio gas

(7) After sunset, making light available inside the house -> Bio gas, solar energy.

(B) (1) Which energy resource does man use the most? Why?

Ans: – Man uses the substances based energy Resource the most.

The substance based energy resources are used the most because,

(1)This is cheap than the process – based energy resources

(2) Human labour and animals were used for many tasks

(3) India like such undevelopement countries don’t have the perfect feature to use the process based energy resources.

(2) Why are energy resources needed?

Ans: – We engage in various activities to fulfill our needs, for which we need energy. In the past, human labour and animals were used for many tasks. Gradually,, man’s needs increased and with it, several changes took place in the use of energy resources and devices still, man obtains this energy from nature, We use petrol, wind, natural gas, sunlight etc.

(c) Explain the differences using the points in brackets:


Points Mineral oil Solar energy
Availability: Mineral oil reserves are limited in nature There is a lot of scope for using this energy
Environmental friendliness: Generation of energy leads to pollution Generation of energy is pollution free
Advantages and drawbacks: Generation of energy is relatively cheap and the resources cause damage in environments This technology is expensive and the resources are environment friendly


Points Hydel Power Power from Geo thermal source
Availability: It is the power obtained from  the kinetic energy of running water and easily available This technique is quite hard and complexed
Environmental friendliness: This resources are environmental friendly This resource is also environmental friendly
Advantages: The water used in generating power can still be used again It is a biotic technique and cause minimum pollution
Drawbacks: It is expensive and having limited reservoirs Environment concerns about green house emissions and it is very costly process

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