Maharashtra Board Class 6 Geography Chapter 10 Human Occupations Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Geography Solution Chapter 10 – Human Occupations

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 Geography Solution Chapter 10: Human Occupations. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Human Occupations full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6

Geography Solution


Human Occupations

(A) Select the correct option:

(1) Serving as a ____ is a tertiary type of occupation.

Ans: – (c) Brick clin worker

(2) In the tropical areas, we mainly see ______ occupations

Ans: – (a) Primary

(3) Anmol’s Granny sells papads and pickles. Which type of occupation is it?

Ans: – (c) tertiary

(B) (3) Quaternary occupations are not commonly seen.

Reason: To do this type of occupations, the person must have some special skills. This is also a type of survive. But this service is not an ordinary one. It requires specials expertise. They are not directly related to the primary and secondary occupation.

More Questions and answers from this Chapter:

1.) What is primary occupations?

A:- Collecting resources directly from nature is called primary level economic activities.

2.) Give an example of primary level occupations?

A:- animal husbandry, fishing, agriculture etc are example of primary level occupations.

3.) What is secondary occupation?

A:- The work that transform a commodity or raw material into a more efficient usable and expensive product is called secondary occupations.

4.) Give an example of secondary occupations?

A:- Example of secondary occupations are – where the size and shape of the goods obtained from the first level occupations are changed to make them more usable. Like – in the dairy industry for example butter cheese is made from milk.

5.) What is tertiary occupations?

A:- The first and second levels of economic work are those that are provided to the public and the individual to the business and trade specialization based service work, called the third level economic functions.

6.) Write the names of the fields of third level economic work?

A:- The third level of economic work are various business services, hotel services, real estate, government administration, education, health, service, tourism.

7.) Tertiary occupations are also called ________.

A:- service occupations

8.) What is quaternary occupations?

A:- The economic activities in the third sector that are associated with research data collection and administrative work are called quaternary occupations .

9.) If most of the people of a country are involved in tertiary economic activities then that country will be ______ country.

A:- Developed

10.) If most of the people of a country are involved in first and second level economic activities then that country will be ____________ country.

A:- developing.

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