Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Chapter 4.7 The Sword in the Stone Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 4.7 – The Sword in the Stone

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 4.7: The Sword in the Stone. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here The Sword in the Stone full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6

English Solution


The Sword in the Stone

(2) Put the following events in chronological order.

(a) The sword in the stone appeared in the churchyard. (7)

(b) Lord Uther died. (3)

(c) Lord Uther drove the barbarians away. (2)

(d) The Lords and knights began to fight for the kingdom. (4)

(e) Sir Kay left his sword behind at home. (6)

(f) Merlin announced that Arthur was the son of Lord Uther. (11)

(g) Arthur brought the sword from the churchyard. (8)

(h) Ancient Britain was invaded by wild barbarians. (1)

(i) Many knights tried to pull the sword out of the stone. (10)

(j) Arthur grew up in Sir Ector’s house. (5)

(k) Merlin entrusted a baby to Sir Ector. (9)

(3) What do the following events/actions tell us about the characters? Discuss.

(a) The Archbishop announced that everyone was free to try his hand at the sword and called all the Lords to a Tournament.

Ans: – An Archbishop is a bishop or priest of the highest rank. Who holding Arthur by the hand and announced to the assembly that he is the rightful king of England. But for a moment, everyone brust out in angry protests that who is the unknown boy and why they can believe him?

That moment Archbishop took them all to churchyard and to show them as Arthur insected the sword in the anvil and drew it out effortlessly, But in other hand other Lords and knights failed to do so. After all that surrounded the churchyard, eager to greet their new king. That mean the Archbishop who is a person or pa big priest that his every words should obeyed by everyone in the churchyard.

(b) Arthur agreed to bring Sir Kay a sword at once.

Ans: – Arthur ran up to the stone, seized the sword by the handle back to his brother and hands the sword to sir kay, breathless with excitement. In that dase we assumed that Arthur was a simple and timed. Who obeyed his brother’s order at a moment in a happily manner/behavior.

(4) Write five words each –

(a) with the suffix -less, ly, ness

Ans: –

Less – Useless, Thankless, Homeless, Breathless, Heartless

Ly – Weekly, quickly, yearly, lovely, slowly

Ness – Happiness, weakness, Darkness, Illness, Fitness

(b) with the prefix – un, in

Ans: –

Un – Unhappy, Unable, Unkind, Unlike, Unlucky

In – Incorrect, Incomplete, Inability, Inability, Inaccurate.

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