Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Chapter 3.3 Stone Soup Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 3.3 – Stone Soup

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 3.3: Stone Soup. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Stone Soup full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 6
Subject English Solution
Chapter Stone Soup

(1) Answer the following questions:

(a) Where dose the story take place?

Answer: – The story takes place in a stage or any hall room.

(b) List the characters in the play and write one two lines about each.

Answer: – The characters are in the play – Motiram, Sonabai, Rupabai and a Traveler.

Motiram: Motiram is a villagers, who is a farm holder. Motiram is quite over confident about his farm. He don’t want to advertise his farm. It might naturally attract guests.

Hirabai: She was also a villagers and also a farm holder. She thoughs that guests can be a nuisance. She may think herself very clever. She never waste good food and money on others.

Sonabai: She was also a farm holder and her farm produce was really good. But she pretented to the travelers that, she could not near anything. That was a clever excuse which she given.

Rupabai: Rupabai was also a villagers and farm holder. She was quite soft behavior if we compare her to other villagers. She was helpful but she also lied to the travellers that her larder is empty and she also hungry and nothing left in her house.

Traveller: Traveler who was damn clever and he also know how to manipulate peoples. He played an important role in this story, and showed some tricks to gets his goals that he was too hungry and had a magic stone soup. By this way he achieve. What he wanted.

(c) How do the following avoid anything to the traveler?

Motiram: He said dinner is over there is nothing left try elsewhere.

Sonabai: Putting he hand behind her car and she pretented to be hard to hearing. That was a clever excuse.

Hirabai: Pretending not to understand traveler language. She talking gibberish.

Rupabai: Thinks alas she said her larder is empty. She was also so hungry but she has nothing left to the house.

(d) Find what Hirabai tells the traveler by reading her words farm bight to left.

Answer: – Go away no food and no rest for anyone here.

Good, I do not want you to go else where.

(e) Apart from the stone, how many things go into the soup?

Answer:- Apart from the stone, the things go into the soup like – water, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beans, onions, piece of ginger and salts.

(f) Dose the traveler really have a magic stone?

Answer: – No, the traveler really don’t have any magic stone. He has just a normal stone which cannot also make any soup, The soup at can also make even without the stone .

(4) Write a recipe for the stone soup?

Answer: – A pot, and 8 cups of water.

1 smooth clean and small stone 1 cabbage, 2 tomatoes salt (2 table spoon), 1 fresh onions, 4 potatoes, crushed garlic, black paper, beans, oregano and fresh cream (optional)

Preparation: – Talking a pot to boil the water. Now add onion, garlic, and potatoes. Now cutting vegetable into medium sizes and it also add in the pot and boiling it for 20 minutes, in a medium flame. Lastly added the black paper and fresh cream also added because it adds a beautiful flavour. Now stir very well and when the soup is ready, turn of the gas over.

(5) Form pairs, write at least one short dialogue for each of the following expressions.

(a) I agree. (b) true: (c) you are right (d) why not? (To mean that something can be done) (c) Thank you.


(a) Sreya: I think you must join the spoken English classes.

Sumit: I agree.

(b) Anil: It is very safe to slow driving.

Sumit True, safe drive, safe life.

(c) Anil: It we do not save water. In future we faces a huge problem.

Sumit: You are right water is our life.

(d) Rita: I think I must learn about Spanish language. Because I have to much interest in these matter.

Sita: Why not! You must learn about it if you have interest. You must take help the interest also, I suggest you.

Sunita: Thank you so much dear.

(6) Find the meaning of ‘charity begins at home.’ Find other

Saying which have a similar meaning.

Answer: – To help people who are very poor and facing many problems or sick and who have a disability, then some organization. To gathered same money to help these people is known as charity.

Charity begins at home, means is you help same one then you must be generous to family before helping others it means, To help other person to donate something other person and be kind towards other all of these we learn from our home. Because it is the place he we develop our natures and behaviors.

(7) List five question from the play which can be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Answer: – (i) Is traveler getting a pot of water from Rupabai?

(ii) Is Sonabai reserve some tomatoes for tomorrow?

(iii) Does the traveler really have a magic stone?

(iv) Had I (traveler) get few beans and onions?

(iv) Dose the stone soup is mouth watering good flavor?

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