Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Chapter 1.4 Children are going to school Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 1.4 – Children are going to school

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 1.4: Children are going to school. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Children are going to school full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6

English Solution


Children are going to school

(2.) Find at least two things from the poem that show the following :

(a) It is early morning.

(b) The atmosphere is pleasant.

Ans. (a) (1) The morning light spread over the earth.

(2) The sun is on one side of the road.

(b) (1) The breeze a singing songs of blessing.

(2) The people waves his hand.

(3) Fragrant flowers make the sleepy roads come awake with their songs.

(3.) Apart from the children, no other human beings are mentioned in the poem. However, many natural elements are shown to act like persons. Name them and also write what they do.


Sky – Bows his head in respect. (Like human when they want to respect anyone they bow their head for them)

Sum – Waits and smile on one side of the road.

Everyone particle of the Earth – Throbs like a mother’s heart.

Time – Sitting on an old roof, flies pigeons in the sky.

Peepal – In his lush deep foliage waves his hands.

The green – topped branches – Breezes sing their song of blessings.

(5)  The whole world is happy because children are going to school. Why is it so? Discuss it in the classroom.

Ans: – The whole world in happy because its very good to see that children are going to school. Going school will make children learn new things and meeting new people and friends. By going to school children will become a good and responsible citizen and self dependent. They can differentiate between right or wrong.

(6) Write about how your family support you to go to school.

Ans: – My family supports a lot. Because if they help us to study now, in future our future is going to be good and we will be in a good position.

Family gives us the roots to stand strong. My mother helps me to get ready for school and packing my Lunch and drop me to school every day. My father and brother help me to complete my school work.

(8)  Write in short about what your parents/guardians feel when they send you to school.

Ans: –  As expected every parent feels a little uncomfortable while sending their child to school for the first time . But then every-one gets habituated with it and they are more happy now after sending their children. Being a parent seeing you child going to school is always feels pride.

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