Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Chapter 9 Settled Life and Urban Civilization Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Solution Chapter 9 – Settled Life and Urban Civilization

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Solution Chapter 9: Settled Life and Urban Civilization. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here Settled Life and Urban Civilization full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5

Environmental Studies Part 2 Solution


Settled Life and Urban Civilization

(1.) From chart below, find out the names of the three periods into which ancient objects are classified and use them to match the three classes given below.












T O N E]


(a) Stone tools __________ age.

Answer: Stone.

(b) Copper tools and other copper objects __________ age.

Answer: Copper.

(c) Iron tools and other iron objects_________ Age.

Answer: Iron.



(i)  Copper, (ii) Gold, (iii) Iron

Answer: (i) Gold, (ii) Copper, (iii) Iron.

(b) (i) Copper age,  (ii) Iron age , (iii) Stone age

Answer: (i) Stone age, (ii) Copper Age   (iii) iron Age.


(b) Invention of the wheel-

After the discovery of Copper many new inventions and rapid changes, have occurred .The invention of the wheel is the most important among them. It is used by the potters first, and then it is used in carts and chariots. Once the potters began to use a wheel, it become possible to make pots in large numbers. In this period, people started making symmetrical and colourful pots with beautiful designs on them.

(a) Discovery of Copper-

Before the invention of copper people invented gold, this is a soft metal. So, it could not be used for making tools and implements. Then people discover another metal which could be used for these purposes .That metal was copper. This metal was used for jewellery, sculpture, amulets etc.

(c) Use of script-

In the ancient period, scripts were used to kept permanents records of the expanding trade and growing production. Signs and symbols had already come into use for the purpose of record –keeping. The growth in the volume of records to be kept resulted in much modification in the signs and symbols used for this purpose.

(4) (a) Use of the metal-

In the ancient age, people invented many metals like gold copper, iron, stone etc.These metal were very useful to them .Gold is the first metal to be used which is soft. It was used to made different kinds of jewellery. Another metal was copper which was used to make various kinds of tools and implements. Stone are also used to make tools, wheels and many other things.

(b) Social organization in the ancient cities-

The culture of the ancient cities had its roots in the culture of village-settlements of the New Stone age. The social life and festivals that based on agricultural faith systems because more elaborate in cities that had prepared because of the rise in trade. Grand temples were built in many cities .Chief of those temples become chief administrators of those cities.

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