Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Chapter 6 Stone Age : Stone Tools Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Solution Chapter 6 – Stone Age : Stone Tools

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Solution Chapter 6: Stone Age : Stone Tools. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here Stone Age : Stone Tools full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5

Environmental Studies Part 2 Solution


Stone Age : Stone Tools

(1) (a)That period, of which the tools that we find are mainly made from stone, is called the _________ (Copper Age, Iron Age, and Stone Age)

Answer: Stone Age.

(b) ___________ near Nashik is a well- known old Stone Age site in Maharashtra. (Gangapur, Sinnar, Chanduwad)

Answer: Gangapur.

(2) (a) Rajasthan – Bagor.

(b) Madhya Pradesh – Bhimbetka.

(c) Gujrat – Langhnaj

(d) Maharashtra – Bijapur

Answer: Maharashtra –Bijapur.

(3) (1) How did man use the percussion technique?

Answer: Man use the percussion technique to made their tools. This technique involves beating or striking one large pebble against another to obtain stone flakes.

(b) What revolution was brought about by Homo sapiens in the tool making technique?

Answer: Homo sapiens brought about a revolution in the tool making technique. He devised a technique of obtaining long and narrow blades of stone. He made various implements like the knife, borer, chisel etc. From these long blades .He also began to use ivory and rare stones for making tools.

(5) Which of the following modern machines has stone grinders?

(a) Mixer,

(b) Flour mill

(c) Juicer

Answer: Flour mill.

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