Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Chapter 3 Life on Earth Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Solution Chapter 3 – Life on Earth

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 History Solution Chapter 3: Life on Earth. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here Life on Earth full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5

Environmental Studies Part 2 Solution


Life on Earth


(a) What instrument do we need to see a unicellular organism?

 Answer: We need a microscope to see a unicellular organism.

(b) Where did the protozoa appear first?

Answer: The protozoa appeared first in water.

(2.) (a) How were the sun and planets in our solar system created?

Answer: On the basis of scientific research, it is now believed that around 4.5 billion years ago ,an enormous cloud of very hot gases and dust spinning at a great speed was formed in space. Its circular motion and great speed caused it to divide into several portions thus creating the sun and the planets which revolved around the sun.

(b) Write any two characteristics of animals?

Answer: Two characteristics of Animals are – (i) Animals move in order to get food or for other purpose.

(ii) Some species of animals lay eggs and their young ones are born out of eggs. Animals of some other species give birth to their young ones.

(4) Arrange the events given below in chronological order.


(a)Water bodies appeared on the earth’s surface.  (3)

(b) The sun and the planets revolving around it were created.   (2)

(c) Protozoa appeared it water (4)

(d) An enormous cloud of hot gases and dust was formed in space.  (1)

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