Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Chapter 19 Constituents of Food Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solution Chapter 19 – Constituents of Food

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solution Chapter 19: Constituents of Food. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here Constituents of Food full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5

Environmental Studies Solution


Constituents of Food

(Q1) What is the Solution

Foods which are the rich sources of proteins should be ate such as pulses, groundnuts and milk as well as milk products.


Milk is the rich source of protein that is why children are told to drink milk every day.

(Q3) Give two Sources each of the following

(a) Minerals -> Fruits, Vegetable

(b) Proteins -> Milk, Groundnuts

(c) Starch -> Potato, Rice

(Q4) Fill in the blanks

(a) Vitamins

(b) Strong

(c) Sugars

(d) Balanced

(Q5) Answer the following Question

(a) The sugars that we get from the digestion of starch burn slowly in all parts of body, releasing energy.

(b) Fruits, vegetables and their skins, cereals and pulses are all the sources of fibre in our diet.

(c) Three types of substances – starch, sugar and fibre that presents our foods are called together carbohydrates.

(d) If the diet does not include all the food constituents or nutrients in the right proportions, it causes malnutrition. It has serious consequences for a person’s health.


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