Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Chapter 14 Transport Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solution Chapter 14 – Transport

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solution Chapter 14: Transport. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here Transport full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 5
Subject Environmental Studies Solution
Chapter 14
Name of the Chapter Transport

(1) In many cases I have be refitted from transport felicities. Because of this I can get to school on time. I can do works very sooner. As I go to school by bus hence it saves both my time and energy. It provides a less costly means of transporting goods over short distances.

(2) Four other facilities that have become available in the local area due to transport facilities are

(i) The facilities of tourism, health, education etc. have become speedier.

(ii) Different parts of the world are now connected due to transport facilities.

(iii) The transport of goods even on a global level has become simple and easy.

(iv) Trade is facilitated.

(3) (i) We should cultivate habits such as walking short distances or riding a bicycle for slightly longer distances. In this way, we can avoid the use of fuel-burning vehicles and reduce as well as the burden on local transport.

(ii) We should use private vehicles only when necessary.

(iii) We should use fuels that cause less pollution.

(iv) We should use public transport as far as possible.

(v) We should plant trees, as much as possible.

(4) The least polluted area is our locality is park. Because the park is full of vegetations. It can easily reduce the dimension of pollution. Moreover in the vicinity of the park traffic is light.

(5) The full form of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas and of LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas.


(a) In the above picture bus is causing pollution.

(b) Fuels that cause less pollution can be used to reduce the pollution caused by this vehicles.

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