Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Chapter 13 Methods of Preserving Food Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solution Chapter 13 – Methods of Preserving Food

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 EVS Solution Chapter 13: Methods of Preserving Food. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here Methods of Preserving Food full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5

Environmental Studies Solution


Methods of Preserving Food

(1) What’s the Solution

(a) The papads which have been soft and moist should be kept in sun for long until they dry. Because when we dry papads, their water content moisture is last.

(b) Fruits such as mangoes, Amlas, guavas and vegetables such as tomatoes, fenugreek should be preserved in refrigerator. Because micro-organism do not get the warmth here for their growth and have been destroyed. And onions, pears should be kept to dry in the open air and then stored in a dry place

(2) Semolina is a dry thing so we can keep it or preserve it for a long time in our house. Kheer is made from them it spoils easily, because when we hit it the protein breaks. That is why kheer get spoiled easily but semolina do not get spoiled.

(3) Find and Correct the Wrong Statement

(a) When something is boiled, the micro-organisms in it get destroyed.

(b) Our food gets spoiled when micro-organisms begin to grow in it.

(d) Foodstuffs do not get warmth when put in a fridge.

(4) Answer the following Question:

(a) During, cooling, boiling and carrying are the different methods of preserving food.

(b) We avoid eating food that has got spoiled because such spoiled foods can cause a stomach ache, vomiting diarrhoea etc. Sometime it can even threaten life.

(d) Certain substances are added to jams and pickles to preserve them for a long time. They are called preservatives. Sugar, salt, mustard, oil, asafoetida and vinegar are examples of preservatives.

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