Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Chapter 28 All about money Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 28 – All about Money

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 28: All about Money. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here All about Money full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5


English Solution


All about Money

Chapter – 28

All about Money

(1) Write a short note on ‘money’.

Ans: Money is generally accepted means of exchange and measure value. We all live for money and because of money. Money is now divided into two categories i.e. coins and notes, we use only in India. But different countries use different coins and notes and also known by different names. A long time ago, people used to exchange one thing for another instead of using coins and notes. This was known as barter system. People even used stones, bricks of salt, shells and couries grains from produce, cattle, goats, chickens, etc. as money in return for things like clothes, tools, wages etc. Later, paper money was first used is china paper notes are printed only by government. How-ever, we should be careful when spending our money because it takes lots of efforts and hard work to earn.


(2) Ans: 


(3) * She was tired but she finished her homework.

* She wanted to buy a car but she had no money.

* He was angry but he did not fight.

* He did not know the answer but he did not copy his friend’s answer.

* They did not have money but they lived happily.

* He did not read the book but he knew the story.

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