Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Chapter 27 The Legend Of Marathon Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 27 – The Legend Of Marathon

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 27: The Legend Of Marathon. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here The Legend Of Marathon full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5


English Solution


The Legend Of Marathon

Chapter – 27

The legend of Marathon


(1) Show the major events in the story of Pheidippides on a ‘time-line’.       

Ans: – Persons attacked Athens

A special messenger Pheidippides was sent to seek help from Sparta

– A surprises attack began between Athenians and Persians

– Athenians won the battle

– Persians decide to attack Athenians

– The Athenian generals decided to let the people of Athens know that they had won against Persian

– The message of their victory must be sent to Athens before Persian reach there

– Pheidippides agreed to sent message to Athenians

– Finally, he was successful in his mission and reached before the Persians

– After delivering the message Pheidippides collapsed due to exertion.

– Pheidippide’s historic run from Marathon to Athens became a legend

– Marathon was commemorated in the Olympic game in Greece in the honour of Pheidippides.

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