Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Chapter 13 The Adventures of Gulliver Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 13 – The Adventures of Gulliver

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 13: The Adventures of Gulliver. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here The Adventures of Gulliver full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5


English Solution


The Adventures of Gulliver


Chapter – 13

The Adventures of Gulliver


(1) (1) How was Gulliver tied down on the seashore?

Ans: Gulliver was tied down by thousands of strings on the seashore and was lying on his back.

(2) What did the important-looking man tell Gulliver?

Ans: The important looking man told Gulliver that they would not harm him if he did as they were told to do.

(3) How was Gulliver taken to the city?

 Ans: Gulliver was taken to the city on a great cart that was made by joining many carts, and was drawn by fifteen hundred of the king’s finest horses.

(4) Describe Gulliver’s home in Lilliput.

Ans: Gulliver’s home was an old church and also not used for many years. This church was the largest building in the whole country. Moreover, the great door on the north was feet high and two feet wide.

(5) Describe Gulliver’s walk around the city.

Ans: Gulliver asked to walk around the city to the king. Later the orders were given to all the people to stay in this houses. He stepped over the wall and walked carefully along the two largest streets. All the windows were full of faces looking out at him, and large number of people were standing on the top of their houses. The king’s house was just at the place where two great streets met. There was also a beautiful garden on all sides of it. He also met the queen and some of the young princes. They were very pleased by his visit.


(2) (4) Ans: The things I would like to do are –

(i) Disturbing my friends by tickling in their ears.

(ii) I would eat up my favorite items

(iii) I would like to fly in the air by sitting on some birds or butterfly.


(3) (2) * walk > Walk carefully, walk slowly, walk nicely.

* speak > Speak loudly, speak clearly, speak normally.

* push > Push softly, push hard, push roughly.

* study > Study hard, study fast, study nicely.

* sing > Sing beautifully, sing loudly, sing fluently.

* work > Work hard, work fast, work slowly.


(3) * hard

* quickly x soft

* fast x slow

* tidily x untidily

* unknowingly x knowingly

* early x late

* often x rarely

* never x always

* honestly x dishonestly

* shamefully x shamelessly


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