Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 1 Chapter 7 Food and Nutrition Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 1 Solution Chapter 7 – Food and Nutrition

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 1 Solution Chapter 7: Food and Nutrition. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 4 get here Food and Nutrition full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 4

Environmental Science Part 1 Solution


Food and Nutrition

(A) Sumedh and Madhura do not like green leafy vegetables. On the day their mother cooks leafy vegetables, they skip their meals.


Their mother should tell them about the benefits of leafy vegetables. They are good for our health. From green leafy vegetables we get fibre, and vitamins, which are important for our health important. In that way they are enjoy their vegetable meal and don’t skip their meals.

(B) 1) Is a thalipeeth more nourishing than a bhakri mode of only jower or bajra flour?


Yes, thalipeeth is more nourishing than a bhakri made of only Jowar or bajra flour. But thalipeeth are made from many pulses. It contain many nourishing substances.

(2) If we add crushed peanuts or fresh coconut to a dish, will it make the dish more nourishing?


Yes, because peanuts are the good source of vitamin E, and it also contains protein. And fresh coconut is full with minerals. So adding crushed peanuts or fresh coconut to a dish, make the dish more nourishing and also very tasty.

(3) Why do we squeeze lemon juice or rice and dal?


Squeezing lemon juice on rice and dal to add taste and flavour to the food. But lemon juice also contains vitamin C.

(4) Which crop growing in field contains the most sugar?


Sugar cane is the crop that contains the most sugar.


(1) Fruits taste sweet because they contain________?

Answer: Sugar.

(2) Rice, Wheat, jowar, bajra, are out ________ food?

Answer: Staple.

(3) The tiny peaks on our tongue are called _______?

Answer: Taste buds.


 (1) We must take certain precautions while cooking food?


While preparing food items we must take some of the constituents in the foodstuffs, can get destroyed. We can take the following precaution to avoid that.

(A) When cooking food, add only as much water as is necessary

(B) Use a pressure cooker or cover the food with a lid while cooking it.

(C) Sprout pulses before using them. Use them while the sprouts are still small. Do not wait for them to grow long

(D)  Use whole grail flour without sifting.

(2) Our body must be healthy:


If our body is work properly, it must remain healthy. We must include all the food constituents in our diet.

(3) Just because we like them, we must not eat the same dishes all the time.


We like which dishes, that we eat them again and again. But the food constituents that meet our food related needs are present in these foodstuffs in different proportions. That is why we must not eat the same dishes all the time just because we like them.


(1) What new things did Monikatai tell about the tongue?


Monika Tai told that one tongue can tell us many tastes. In the tongue there are tiny peaks on the m. They are called taste buds. These taste buds tell us the different tastes.

(2) Fruits are sweet. Does that mean that they contain only sugar?


Fruits are sweets, as we know these. But this doesn’t mean that they contain only sugar. It also contain organic acid, protein, minerals, starch etc. Fruits also gives us energy.

(3) Which food ingredients contain sour elements?


Lemon, Tamarind, Raw mango,. Tomato etc are the food ingredients contain sour elements.


Make a list of those fruits which we cannot eat along with their skins.

Answer: Orange, Mango, Banana, Jackfruit.


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