Maharashtra Board Class 2 English Solution

Balbharati Maharashtra State Board Class 2 English Solution for 2024 – 25 Maharashtra State Board Students. Here we provided Chapterwise 2nd Standard English Textbook Solution for Marathi Medium / English Medium Students.

Maharashtra State Board Class 2 English Textbook Solution

1.1 Bridge

a.) Write down the things that have following colours.

1) Violet- Brinjal

2) Indio-

3) Blue- sky

4) Green- tree leaves, leady finger,

5) Yellow- sunflower , banana

6) Orange- orange fruit

7) Red- red chili , apple fruit

1.2) activity time

a.) write as many words as you can which have both the letters you piked.

Ans- tall, ball, bat, fish, sit, is, table, frog, dog, cat, goat

1.3 Let’s Speak

  • Where do you live?

Ans- I am living in Pune, Maharashtra.

1.4 story Time- Yash and Moti

a.) find the words in the story which mean:

1) bitten/ cut off with teeth-

2) cried noisly-

b.) answer in a word or a phase.

1) Who bought new shoes for Yash?

Ans- Yash mother bought new shoes for him.

2) How did Yash feel then?


3) Why was Yash sobbing?

Ans- when he saw his one shoe is missing.

4) Who had carried Yash’s shoe to the hole?

Ans- a bog fat rat has carries Yash’s shoe to the hole.

c.) Put the following sentence in the correct order.

1) There is only one shoe here.

2) Yash saw his shoe in the hole.

3) Yash followed Moti

4) His mother gave him new shoes.

5) “thank you, Moti” , said Yash.

Ans – the correct order of the sentence –

His mother gave him new shoes.

There is only one shoe here.

Yash followed moti

Yash saw his shoe in the hole

“thank you , Moti” , said Yash.

1.5 Language Study

a.) Listen carefully and answer the following questions.

1) What is your name?

Ans- my name is Harshada Kishor Rahane.

2) Are you a boy or a girl?

Ans- I am a Girl.

3) Who all are there in your family?

Ans-  there are six members in my family my father, mother , one sister and one brother and one grandmother.

4) Which places do you like to visit?

Ans-  I like to visit cool places like hill stations.

5) Which is your favourite animal?

Ans-  Dog is my favourite animal.

6) What do you like to eat?

Ans- I like to eat sweet dishes like Rasmali.

7) What is your favourite toy?

Ans- my favourite toy is Doll.

8) Do you like write a pen or pencil?

Ans- I like to write with a pen.

  • Let’s play.
name Place animal Thing
Amit Pune cat Ball
Suvarna Nashik Dog Bat
Ankita Satara Rabbit table
Nishant Aurnagabad Cow Chair


  • Read the following passage carefully. Underline the names of people, places, things, fruits etc.

1) People- Raju, mother, teacher, friends,

2) Places- school, backyard

3) Things– plant , pot

4) Fruits- mango


a.) Listen and repeat the rhyming words.

Warm – harm

Away- play

b.) Do you have a pet? What is its name?

Ans- Yes , I have pet. He is a Puppy his name is Rocky.

c.) Tell a few sentence about your favourite animal.

Ans- my favourite animal is dog.

Small puppy of dog’s are very cute and beautiful.

Dogs are very loyal animal.

Dogs have sharp smelling sense.

Our pet rocky is also very cute and smart.

Dog is my favoutie animal and I love dogs.

1.7 Let’s Speak

1.8 Reading Time

a.) Draw pictures of things in your classroom.

b.) Describe your classroom in five sentences with the words given below.

Board, chalk, table, chair, benches, desks, books, door, windows, books, cupboard, dustbin

Ans- this is my classroom. There is a big board in our classroom. The teacher has a table to keep her books on it. She also have a  chair to sit on.

For siting us we have benches to sit on and desks to keep our books on. Our classroom has a one door and two windows.

There is a cupboard near the wall. We keep our material there. There is a one dustbin in the corner. We keep our classroom clean . on the walls there are many charts. This charts have various topics of our syllabus. Our teacher is very nice and good with us.


1.9 Writing Skills

a.) Describe the picture.

Ans- Bhaurao is a farmer. He has a small farm. He has two goats and bullock. His wife and daughter help him on the farm. Bhaurao has an ox on his left side. His daughter is sitting on the ground feeding a goat. Bhaurao tied one clothe on his head. In his right hand he kept grunt. His wife is also doing work.

Unit 2

2.1 chameleons

a.) colour the picture.

b.) say the rhyming words

seen – green

sights- lights


2.2 activity time

a.) look and read

b.) write the above naming words in the given groups.

fruits vegetables animals flowers
Mango Potato Rabbit Rose
Apple Onion Elephant Lotus
Guava Tomato Tiger Marigold
grapes cucumber snake jasmine


  • Who am I?

1.) I have two hands but I can’t clap who am I ?  ans-  Clock

2.) I fly without wings and have a long tail. Who am I?  ans- Kite

3.) I have a bussy tail and like to eat nuts . who am I?    ans- squeral

4.) I can eat leaves from the tall trees. I don’t have to climb, I have a long trunk. Who am I?   ans- Elephant

5.) I have two hands horns and four legs. I work on the farm. Who am I? ans- ox


2.3 Let’s Speak

a.) look at the pictures and say 2-3 lines about them.

1) Doctor- a doctor is works in hospital or in a clinic. People go towards the doctor when they are ill. Doctor check their body and gives medicine to the ill persons.

2) Policewoman- a policewoman control a traffic on road. Traffic police allow to pass the cars and two wheelers. When some one break traffic rule then Policewoman give punishment to that person. Policewoman also help old people to cross the road.

3) Conductor- a conductor gives us a bus tickets. Conductor rings a bell when bus stop come to stop or start the bus.

4) Farmer- a farmer is work in the farm. Farmer has goats , cows, and ox for help in the farm. Farmer has tractor with help of that he works in the farm.

5) Solider-  a solider is work on the country boundry to defends us from any enemy. Solider is also help peoples when any big issues is happened like earthquake.

6) Chef- a person who work in the hotels and restaurents kitchen is known as chef. He cooks different and tasty food items. He dressed white clothes at the time of cooking. Chef also decorate the food dishes.


2.4 Story Time- Unity is strength.

a.) answer the following questions.

1) why was the old man warried?

Ans- the old man always worried because his sons were always quarreling with each other, they would never agree on any point, they always fight with each other therefore the old man warried.

2) what happened when the sons tried to break the bundle of the sticks?

Ans- when the sons tried to break the bundle of the sticks they surprised because sticks in the bundle can not be break.

3) what happened with the single sticks?

Ans- when the single stick pick then it break easily.

4) what lesson did the sons learn?

Ans- the sons learnt from this lesson “the unites we stand , divided we fall”.

b.) arrange the following words in a proper order to make a meaningful sentence.

1) worried man was old The.

Ans- the old man was worried.

2) everything for fight they would.

Ans- they would fight for everything.

3) sticks of The bundle did break not.

Ans- the bundle of sticks did not break.

4) easily broken stick A single is.

Ans- A single stick is easily broken.

5 ) stand, divide fall Unites we are.

Ans-  unites we stand , divides we fall.

c.) find the small words hidden in the big word.

everything Every Thin very Thing
friendship friend End ship fresh
separated separate Rate spare seat
together to other get there

d.) read the following sentences. Change the coloured words with new words to form a new sentence.

1) the old man was worried.

Ans- the young woman was happy.

2) He took the bundle and tried to break it.

Ans- she tool the puzzle paper and tried to join it.

3) An old man lived with his four sons in a village.

Ans- An old woman lived with his four daughter in a city.

4) This time the brothers learnt a lesson.

Ans- this time the sisters learnt a fun.

5 ) He gave them small sticks.

Ans- she gave them large sticks.

e.) write the words that tell us something about the words at the center.

Man- old, young, healthy, week, strong

Tree– big, green leaves, flowers, fruits

Flower– pink, small, big,


2.5 Language Study

a.) match the following

sharp- pencil

clever- dog

sweet- mango

red- rose

b.) using the given pictures. Write the correct describing word from the words given in the box.

Eight, red, big, green, old

1.) This is a ——- ball. Ans- Big

2.) An apple is—– colour. Ans- Red

3.) He is an — man. Ans- old

4.) These are —— bananas. Ans- eight

5.) This is a — parrot. Ans- green

c.) Fill in the blanks with correct describing word.

1.) Green vegetables and fruits are —— for health. Ans- healthy

2.) There are ——- in the sky.   Ans- beautiful

3.) Ants are very——–. Ans- small

4.) I have a —- pen. Ans- two


2.6 Friends Forever

a.) find and write the rhyming words.

1) old- gold

2) sea- be

3) end- friend

b.) how many friends do you have?

Tell 5-6 sentence about your friend.

Ans-  My best friend name is Sakshi. She is my friend from childhood. She is also my neighbor. She and me studied in the same class. We go to school in the same bus. We are each others best friends. She like to eat sweet dishes. Rasmali is her favuorite sweet dish. She like to play badminton with me. She have pet. His name is Puppy. She is very cleaver. Her favuorite subject is English. Me and she studies with each other. She is very nice and I love my best friend.


2.7 Let’s Speak

2.8 Reading Time

a.) read the following words and match them with their pictures.

b.) read the following sentences aloud


2.9 Writing Skills

a.) complete the following story with the help of the hints given in the brackets.

( wandered, my friend, the monkey, be his friend, too big, the rabbit, was too big, save other weak, animals, to solve the problem, went back to the other animals, together and said)

The Elephant and the Friends

A lone elephant ———–  ( wandered)in the forest looking for friends. He met a monkey and asked , “will you be——?’’( my friend) ‘’you are too big and cannot swing on trees as I do. So I cannot be your friend’’, said —–( the monkey).

The elephant then met a rabbit and asked him if he could —— ( be his friend).’’ You are—-( too big) to fit inside my burrow. You cannot be my friend’’, replied —– ( the rabbit).

The elephant asked a fox , and he got the same reply, that ——( he was too big).

The next day ,all the animals were running in fear. The elephant stopped a bear and asked what was happening and was told that a tiger has been attacking all the animals.

The elephant wanted to——( save other weak animals). He went to the tiger and said” please sir, leave my friends alone”. The tiger did not listen . seeing no other way —– ( to solve the problem) the elephant kicked the tiger and scared it away. Elephant then ——( went back to other animals) and told them what had happened. After listing to the elephant , the animals agreed ——( together and said), “ you are just the right size to be our friend”.

Moral – friends come in all shapes and sizes!

b.) answer the following questions.

1) who are the characters in the story?

Ans- In the story all characters are from forest like monkey, fox , rabbit, tiger and elephant.

2) what do you likes about them?

Ans- about monkey I like he can jump from one tree to another tree easily.

About rabbit I like he is small and have white fur which is very attractive.

About elephant he is very big  and strong animal.

3) where does the story take place?

Ans- the story take place in the forest.

c.) read the following sentence.

d.) read the following sentence. Rewrite them in you notebook- using capital letters, full stops and question marks at the appropriate places.

1) i like to swim

Ans- I like to Swim.

2) can you sing

Ans- Can you sing?

3) i love my family.

Ans- I love my Family.

4 ) what is your age

Ans- What is your age?

5 ) neeta went to school

Ans- Neeta went to school.

Unit 3

3.1 Mice

a) Answer the following questions.

1) have you ever seen a mouse?

Ans- yes , I saw a mouse.

2) what will you do if you see a mouse in your house?

Ans- I call my mother or father.

b) match the following words.

Long- tails

Small- faces

Pink- ears

White- teeth

3.2 activity time

a) arrange the following words in alphabetical order.

1. axe 2. balloon 3. Boy
4. clock 5. dog 6. father
7. garden 8. hen 9.king
10.mother 11. peacock 12. queen
13. school 14. temple 15. zebra

b) write the names of the colours of the rainbow.(VIBGYOR)

violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

c) answer the following.

1) have you seen a rainbow?

Ans- yes ,I have seen a rainbow.

2) Do you like to paint?

Ans- yes , I like to paint.

3) what is your favourite colour?

Ans- My favourite colour is Pink and Orange.

d) frame the sentence using the words given below.

1) big- I saw a big blue balloon.

2) like- I like to do paintings.

3) fairy- I like to listen about fairy stories.

3.3 Let’s Speak


3.4 Story Time- Nina’s Dream

a) complete the following sentence by using the words and phrases given in the box.

[ field, to graze their cattle, to bring firewood, village , a smart lady, a little girl, pilot]

1.) Nina was a —– (a little girl)

2.) Nina lived in a —– ( village)

3.) Her parents worked in the——( field)

4.) Her brother went to the grassland—— ( to graze their cattle)

5.) The older girls went to the forest—- ( to bring firewood)

6.) One day a ———— ( a smart lady) come to their village.

7.) The smart lady was a—– ( Pilot)

b) find the opposite words of the following from the story.

far× near

back × front

younger× older

big× small

false× true

sad× happy

d) Rewrite the sentence using capital letters, fullstop and question marks.

1) nina was a little girl

Ans- Nina was a little girl.

2) will my wishes ever come true

Ans- “Will my wishes ever come true?”

3) i am going to live in your village

Ans- I am going to live in your village.

4) i am a pilot

Ans- I am a pilot.

5) who are you

Ans- Who are you?

6) nina was happy

Ans- Nina was happy.

3.5 Language Study

a) circle the action word in each row.

1. bag happy Walk
2. cup sing bread
3. bounce glass look
4. draw pin black
5. jump circle Balloon
6. ant drink catch

Ans- action words – walk, sing, draw, jump, drink, catch, look.

b) using the circles words above, write a sentence for each and write them in your notebook.

1) walk- she walk around the Park.

2) sing-  He sing a song.

3) draw-Tulsi draw a picture.

4) jump-  I can jump vey high.

5) catch- I can catch the ball very easily.

6) drink-  I like to drink soft drinks.

7) look- Look at the beautiful stars in the night.

8) bounce- The ball is bounce on the table.


3.6 Five Little Seeds

a) look at the picture below. Name the parts of a plant.

b) the words seed, weed, need have two ‘e’ letters in the middle. Find out some more meaningful words that have two ‘e’ s in middle.


1.      Seed 2.      feel 3.      keep
4.      jeep 5.      deep 6.      feet
7.      weed 8.      need 9.      week
10.  weep 11.  feed 12.  seen


3.7 Let’s Speak

a) Listen, repeat and complete.

b) Let’s speak different dialogues for each picture.


1 ) Teacher, Can I go to washroom?

Yes , you can.

2 ) Aai , what is today’s menu for dinner?

Dal fry- rice , roti and paneer masala.

3 ) Baba can I go to picnic?
Yes my dear daughter you can go for the picnic.

4 ) Thank you grandpa, for giving this sweets.

Always welcome my dear child.

5 ) You can park your car there.

Ok sir.

3.8  Reading Time

a) Listen and repeat.

b) answer the following questions.

1) what did Nani lose?

Ans- Nani lost her glasses.

2) where did the boy search for the glasses?

Ans- the boy search for her glasses everywhere.

3) what did Nani do the whole Day?

Ans- Nani did cooking in the kitchen and some work in the garden and then reading and knitting.

4) where did the boy find the glasses?

Ans- the boy found the glasses wrapped in the knitting yarn.

c) Tell this story to your parents and the children in your neighbourhood.

d) complete the following table.

One many One many
Chair chairs clue clues
Table tables garden Gardens
bed Bed’s eye Eye’s
cupboard cupboards place places

3.9 Writing Skills

a) Now, write instructions to make a lemonade. Use the following words and phrases to write the method in your notebook.

[add, mix, stir, take]

Things you need-

  • Juice of half a lemon,
  • A pinch of salt,
  • Two spoons of sugar,
  • One glass of water

Ans- first take utensil in that take a juice of half lemon. Then add pinch of salt and two spoons of sugar and one glass of water. Stir it well and mix it. After mixing well take a glass and pour in that glass.

  • Lets list down the things in our classroom using commas.

Ans- Board, door, windows, charts, table, chair, duster, benches, dustbin, cupboard .

4.1 Catch them , if you Can!

a) complete the following lines by using the words given in the box.

[ in, on, under]

  • Chicks—— the farmyard. (in)
  • Chicks —– the pens.( in)
  • Chicks — the chairs.( under)
  • Chicks —- the stairs.( on)
  • Chicks — the doorstep.( on)

b) where do you see chicks in the surrounding ?

ans- I see chicks in the farm, in the kitchen, under the chair, on the table etc.

4.2 Activity Time

4.3 Let’s Speak

a) Tell and write what they are doing.

1) A girl is dancing.

2) A teacher is teaching.

3) A woman is working on the laptop.

4) A man is running .in the park.

5) A woman is riding a scooter

6) They are cleaning the vegetables.

7) The old man give  watering the plant.

8) The boy is painting a picture.


4.4 Story Time- What Do You See?

a) answer the following.

1) who was Dronacharya?

Ans- Dronacharya was a great teacher.

2) what were Arjun and his Cousins being trained in?

Ans- Arjun and his cousins were being trained in archery and warcraft.

3) what did Dronacharya ask the students to do?

Ans- Dronacharya asked the students to hit the eye of wooden bird.

4) why did Dronacharya not let Bheem and Yudhishthir shoot the wooden bird?

Ans- Dronacharya did not let Bheem and Yudhishthir to shoot the wooden bird because they were focusing on other things but not on the eye of the bird.

5 ) what did Arjun see?

Ans-  Arjun saw only the eye of wooden bird.

b) find put the following from the story.

1) Two names of persons- Dronacharya , Arjun, Bheem

2)  Name of a sport- Archery

3) Name of two things-  wooden bird, eye

4) Names of three things seen in the nature- Sky, clouds and sun

C) who said the following?

1) ‘’Guruji, I see the sky, the clouds and the sun”

Ans- Bheem Said

2) “You are not ready to shoot yet.”

Ans- Dronacharya said

3) “Guruji , I can see only the eye of the wooden bird,”—–

Ans- Arjun Said

d). unscramble the following words. Find them in the story and underline them.

1) rayrech- achery

2) oowdne- wooden

3) wbo-bow

4) warro- arrow

5) tosoh- shoot

f) stick a photograph of your favourite player in the box below. Write 2-3 lines about him/ her.

Ans- my favourite player is MS. Dhoni. He was the caption of our Indian Cricket team. He is very cool minded person. He is very popular and cool caption ever. He born in Ranchi. His wife name is Sakshi and he have one daughter. MS. Dhoni also known as Caption cool and mahi. In IPL he is play from the team Chennai supper kings.


4.5 language Study

a) look at the pictures and fill in the blanks.

1) the peacock is sitting —- the tree.(on)

2) the man is standing —– the car.( near)

3) there is water —–the jar.(in)

4) the car is parked—- the tree.(under)

5) the rabbit is hiding— the tree.(behind)


b) Read the following sentence and draw the pictures in the box.

1) the apple on the table.

2) the ball is under the table.

c) Do you do this? Say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

1) I write  on a paper with a chalk.

Ans- no

2) I wear clean uniform when I go to school.

Ans- yes

3) I drink my books.

Ans- no

4) I sit on my bench.

Ans –yes

5 ) I keep my classroom clean.


6 ) I give bath to my books everyday.

Ans- no

7 ) I ask questions and the teacher answers them.

Ans- no

d) complete the word snake.

Ans- matin-(a)p-(a)n-(u)tr-(e) e(g)g (u) n(i) b(i) n


4.6 My Telescope

a) what do you see in the sky?

Ans- I see moon, stars in the sky at night. I see the sun, clouds in the at the day time.

b) Draw a starry sky and colour it.


4.7 Let’s Speak

Look , listen and answer.

1 ) do you go to a park?

Ans-  yes, I go to a park.

2) what do you play with?

Ans- I play with balloon and I also play with the football.

3) do you buy an ice- cream?

Ans- yes, I buy an ice- cream.

4) can you ride a bicycle?

Ans- yes, I can ride a bicycle.

5 ) do you like to walk on the lawn?

Ans- yes, I like to walk on the lawn.

6 ) Do you like to play on the see- saw?

Ans- yes, I like to play on the see- saw.


4.8 Reading Time

a) look at the following pictures. Read the passage below it and write down the missing words in it.

In the Park.

Yesterday we all had been to a —- for the school picnic. The park was very beautiful. There were green —. There was a — sitting on  a tree. Pink and white — bloomed in the green grass. There were —- flying around the flowers. Nina , Yash and I played with a pink—–. Mahesh and Deepa enjoyed swinging on the —-. Salma enjoyed playing on the long purple—. Jenny and Aayush sat on the blue—-. I saw a man walking with his—-. We had a lot of fun in the park.

Ans- (   park, trees, monkey, flowers, butterflies, balloon,  swings, slide, see-saw, dog.)

b) read aloud the passage again.

4.9 Writing skills.

  • Choose your favourite story character and draw it in the box given below.

a ) write at least five sentence about it in your notebook.


  • my favourite story character is from rabbit and tortoise story it is tortoise.
  • I like the story of tortoise. In that story rabbit is very active and fast and he gave the challenge to the tortoise.
  • Tortoise accept that challenge of rasing and he run slowly – slowly.
  • Tortoise never gave up. He ran continuously with his speed.
  • At the end of the story tortoise won the challenge.

b) write 5-7 sentences about your classroom.

First, note some point.

  • Things in your classroom-
  • Number of doors and windows-
  • Number of tables and desks or benches-
  • Number of students-
  • Number of charts in your classroom-


1 ) there are charts, black board, cupboard, benches, chairs, windows are present in my classroom.

2) there are one door and two windows present in our classroom.

3) there are one table and one chair in my classroom. There are also 30 benches present in my classroom.

4) there are 60 students  in my classroom.

5) there are 10 charts in my classroom.