Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part 1 Chapter 10 Space Mission Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part 1 Solution Chapter 10 – Space Mission

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 1 Solution Chapter 10: Space Mission. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here Space Mission full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 10


Science Part – 1 Solution


Space Mission

Chapter: -10

(Space Mission)


Exercise: –

1.) Fill in the blanks and explain the statements with reasoning:

a.) If the height of the orbit of a satellite from the earth surface is increased, the tangential velocity of the satellite will …decrease.

(From the equation Vc =√GM/ (R+ h),we can say that height is inversely proportional to tangential velocity.).


b.) The initial velocity (during launching) of the Mangalyaan,

must be greater than ……escape velocity……. of the earth.

(All satellite to go in space the minimum velocity must be greater that the escape velocity which is 11.2 km/s.)


2.) State with reasons whether the following sentences are true or false


a.) If a spacecraft has to be sent away from the influence of earth’s  gravitational field, its velocity must be less than the escape velocity.

Ans: –The upper statement is false as to overcome the earth gravitational force the minimum velocity needed by a spacecraft is 11.2km/s which is the escape velocity.


b.) The escape velocity on the moon is less than that on the earth.

   Ans: –This statement is true. The escape velocity, Vc = √2gR, so it clearly seen that it directly proportional to gravity and so moon gravity is 1/6th of earth then the escape velocity will be less on moon comparing to earth.


c.) A satellite needs a specific velocity to revolve in a specific orbit.

 Ans: –  The following statement is true as the specific velocity is needed by a satellite to revolve in a specific orbit, by the equation Vc=√GM/R + h, we can say that it depends of height from the surface.


d.) If the height of the orbit of a satellite increases, its velocity must also increase.

Ans: – This statement is false as the escape velocity is inversely proportional to the height from the surface. So when height of the orbit will increase the escape velocity will decrease.


3.) Answer the following questions:

a.) What is meant by an artificial satellite? How are the satellites classified based on their functions?

Ans: – In a fixed orbit when a manmade object moving our orbit is known as an artificial satellite.

The satellite is classified according to their various uses these are earth observation satellite which is used to measure weather phenomenon, military satellite which us used as security purpose, navigation satellite used to find location etc.


b.) What is meant by the orbit of a satellite? On what basis and how are the orbits of artificial satellites classified?

Ans: –  In which path or trajectory a satellite is moving around earth or any other planet is known as orbit. The orbit should be in different height of different satellite which is moving.

There is different height for classification of the orbits of artificial satellite which are –  the satellite orbit which is at height of more than 35780km is known as high earth orbit, the height which is at 2000km to 35780 km is known as medium earth orbit, and below 2000km is known as low earth orbit.


c.) Why are geostationary satellites not useful for studies of polar regions ?

Ans: –There are various reasons for a geostationary satellite are not used to study in polar region because it has the same time of revolution as earth as well as it orbit is parallel to the equator.


d.) What is meant by satellite launch vehicles? Explain a satellite launch vehicle developed by ISRO with the help of a schematic diagram.

Ans: – In which vehicle a satellite is launch to the its orbit is known as the launch vehicle of the satellite.

If we talk about the launch vehicle which was made by ISRO is PSLV which has four stages in it by working of this stages step by step a satellite is launch. By the help of second and third stage of it the velocity is increase and height is acquiring by the satellite.

d.) Why it is beneficial to use satellite launch vehicles made of more than one stage?

Ans: – There are more stage in a satellite because of the demand of the huge amount of fuel. When it passes the way it fuels get used and after using the oil of the tank of different stages it detached that stage. By this way there are more stage are needed.


4.) Complete the following table.

Ans: –


5.) Solve the following problems.

a.) If mass of a planet is eight times the mass of the earth and its radius is twice the radius of the earth, what will be the escape velocity for that planet?

Ans: –


b.) How much time a satellite in an orbit at height 35780 km above earth’s sur-face would take, if the mass of the earth would have been four times its original mass?

Ans: – 


c.) If the height of a satellite completing one revolution around the earth in T seconds is h1 meter, then what would be the height of a satellite taking seconds for one revolution?

Ans: –



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