Maharashtra Board Class 10 History Chapter 9 Heritage Management Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 10 History Solution Chapter 9 – Heritage Management

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 History Solution Chapter 9: Heritage Management. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here Heritage Management full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 10

History and Political Science Solution


Heritage Management

1.) (1) Lovre Museum has in its collection the much acclaimed painting of….. by Leonardo da Vinci.

(a) Napoleon (b) Mona Lisa  (c) Hans sloan (d) George II

Ans)(b) Mona Lisa

(2) __ at Kolkata is the first museum in India.

(a) Government Museum  (b) National Museum   (c) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastusangrahalay  (d) Indian Museum

Ans)(d) Indian Museum

(B) Identify and write the wrong pair in the following set.

(1) Maharaja Sayajirao University –  Vadodara

(2) Banaras Hindu University –  Varanasi

(3) Aligarh Muslim University –  Aligarh

(4) Jivaji  University –  Gwalior

2.) Explain the following statements with reasons.

(1) Archives and libraries publish research journals, informative pamphlets, leaflets, posters, etc.

Ans)Archives and libraries publish research journals, informative pamphlets, leaflets, posters, etc. to spread knowledge and information among the people. They are the source of history and all the history books which are the results of the diligent work of several historians. They not only conserve and preserve this precious historical heritage but also try to exhibit them with this.

(2) Only trained persons, who are duly qualified can take up the tasks involved in the work of conservation and preservation

Ans) Only trained persons, who are duly qualified can take up the tasks involved in the work of conservation and preservation because step like collecting the sources of history, creating their records and indexes, exhibiting manuscripts, old books and artefacts after completing necessary treatments requires very careful handling and management.

3.) Write notes :

(1) Sthalakosh

Ans) To study History we need geographical information and these informations are available in Sthalakosh or Encyclopaedias. ‘Sthanapothi’ (14th century C.E.) is the name of one encyclopaedic text, written by Muni Vyas of Mahanubhav sect. It describes all those places visited by Chakradhar Swami, the founder of Mahanubhav sect. It is also a very good source for writing about the life of Chakradhar Swami. It gives details about the time, place and background of the events described in ‘Leelacharitra’. Another Sthalakosh is ‘Prachin Bharatiya Sthalakosh’,compiled by Siddheshwarshstri Chitrav. It provides information about various places mentioned in Vedic literature, Kautiliya Arthashastra, Panini’s Grammar, Valmiki Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and mediaeval Sanskrit literature.

 (2) Vishwakosh

Ans) Vishwakosh contains knowledge about all possible subjects in the world and very important entries about history. The first honourableChief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Yahswantrao Chavhantook the initiative to complete the Marathi ‘Vishwakosh’ through Maharashtra Rajya Sahitya Samskruti Mandal. He wanted to enhance the sphere of Marathi language and literature.This  workwas started under the guidance of TarkteerthLakshmanshastri Joshi.

(3) Samdnya Kosh

Ans)Samdnya Kosh explains the terminology of history, such as colonialism, globalisation, etc. They are kind of encyclopaedic texts which are very much useful for teachers of history.

 (4) Saraswati Mahal Granthalay

Ans)Saraswati Mahal Granthalay is in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. It was built in 16th-17th century, during the times of Nayak dynasty.Vyankojiraje Bhosale and his successors who conquered ThanjavurIn 1675 C.E. expanded the ‘Saraswati Mahal Granthalay’. The library was renamed as ‘The Thanjavur Maharaja Sarfoji’s Saraswati Mahal Library’ in 1918 to give honour to Sarfojiraje Bhosale who contributed the most to expand it.

4.) Give elaborate answers to the following

(1) Why is library management important?

Ans) Libraries are responsible for collecting books, arranging them systematically, conserving and preserving  of those books, disseminating of information sources, etc. Library Management is importantto make a book available to a reader as per his requirement and also to complete all the tasks with the help of computerized system.

(2) Which tasks are important in archives management?

Ans)To preserve documents with important content in their original condition, prepare indexes and create accurate systems of retrieval of documents archives management is important. It is also important to provide reliable sources and to manage computerised systems  with information technology.

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