Luminous object

If you are standing in a dark room, you can’t seen anything which happening in your surrounding and also you can not see objects in your surrounding. Why did this happened? This happen because of light. In dark room there is no light so we can’t see anything but when we on light switch we can see everything in your surrounding. From this it is clear that Where there is light, we see things that means something that makes vision possible is called light. In this chapter we will learn about what is light, shadow and Reflection.

Luminous object:

In a day, we can able to see trees, flowers in a garden. But in night, can we able to see trees, flowers in garden? No, we cannot able to see things in night. In a day, sun emits light rays that falling on trees and flowers, Light gets reflected from the trees and flowers
comes to the eyes and we can see everything.

When an object lights through itself, it is called luminous object. Sun emits
it’s own light. There are some living luminous present in a nature like firefly, jellyfish, flashy fungus etc.

An objects which does not have their own light itself, it us called non- luminous object. Moon is the example of non-luminous light. Moon does not have it’s own light, sun light falling on it and then moon reflecting the light.

Q. 1 How does our surrounding object appear to us?

Ans : Everything that seen around to us because of reflecting light from those objects.

Q. 2 Gives an example of a luminous object.

Ans : Star, fire, candle, electric lights etc, these are the example of luminous object.

Q. 3 what are the example of non-luminous object?

Ans : Moon, Planets, solar light these are the example of non-luminous

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