Light, Shadows and Reflections Class 6 Worksheet

Light, Shadows and Reflections Class 6 Worksheet with Solved in Pdf

Light, Shadows and Reflections Class 6 Worksheet: In this page we have included Light, Shadows and Reflections Chapter from Grade 6 Worksheet with solution.

Light, Shadows and Reflections Worksheet

Worksheet for chapter 11: – Light, Shadows and Reflections ?

The following questions are important for your exams for 1 mark 2 mark or 5 marks. First solve the questions on your own and then saw the solution for understanding it better.

Practice worksheet for class 6

Section A

Q.1.)  define luminous objects?

→Objects likes sun that give out or emit light of their own called as luminous objects.


Q.2.)  what is an opaque object?

→The object through which we cannot see anything at all called as opaque object.


Q.3.)  what is transparent object?

→The object through which we can clearly see through it and eat allows light to pass through it called as transparent object.


Q.4.)  what is translucent object?

→The object through which we can see but not so clearly called as translucent objects.


Q.5.)  what is shadow?

→ Shadow is a dark patch form behind an object when the object is placed in front of the source of the light.


Q.6.)  name some natural sources of light?

→ Sun , moon , stars and some insects are the natural source of light.


Q.7.)  name some manmade sources of light?

→ Bulb , tube light, torchlight , candles are the man-made sources of light.


Q.8.)  explain what happened when the Ray of light falls on mirror?

→  When the Ray of light falls on the mirror the light gets reflected.


Q.9.)  what is the path of a light?

→ The path of a light is in a straight line. Light travels only in a straight line.


Q.10.)  what is reflection?

→  When the light falls on a surface, the light will come back after hitting the surface is called as reflection. An image you see in mirror or in water is an example of reflection.


Q.11.)  what is the pinhole camera?

→ Pinhole camera is a camera with a pinhole without lens. We can see many objects with the help of pinhole camera.


Q.12.)  classify the following objects as transparent , opaque, and translucent?

Air , water , mirror, smoke, umbrella ,  flame of gas burner, kerosene stove , Sun, moon , wooden board, and polythene.


  1. Transparent objects:- air, water
  2. Opaque objects:- kerosene Stove , sun , moon , mirror , wooden board, umbrella.
  3. Translucent objects:- polythene, smoke , flame of gas burner.


Q.13.)  what is light and explain the different sources of light?

→  Light is a form of energy by which we can see things around us. There are two main sources of light.

  1. Natural sources of light- the light source found in nature are the natural sources of light like Sun ,moon, different insects, and stars.
  2. Manmade or artificial sources of light- the source that are made by human beings for their wellbeing called as artificial sources of light such as bulb , tube light, candle etc.


Q.14.)  what are luminous and non-luminous objects give examples?

→ The objects that emit light of their own called as luminous objects whereas the objects that does not emits light called as non-luminous objects.

Examples of luminous objects:- Sun, moon, bulb, candle  .

Examples of non-luminous objects:- wooden cardboard, sheet of paper , pen.


Q.15.)  what are the conditions to form shadow?

  1. A good source of light.
  2. An opaque object.
  3. A good screen or surface behind object.


Q.16.)  what is shadow and why we cannot see shadow in dark room?

→ When the object placed in front of light the image of the object form behind the object on screen like a dark patch and this dark patch called as a shadow of that object.

To form a shadow there are three conditions that are a good source of light, an opaque object and a screen or surface behind object.

In a dark room We cannot see any shadow as there is no any source of light. Has we cannot see an object in a dark room.


Q.17.)  we can see things clearly during daytime than the night time explain why?

→ During the daytime, a good natural source of light that is a sun is present, the light emits from the Sun and falls on the objects so that we can clearly see the objects during day time. But during night time there is no light of the Sun. We can see the objects only when there is good source of light. Hence, we can see things clearly during day time than the night time.


Light, Shadows and Reflections Class 6 Worksheet
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