Leela’s Friend Summary WB Board Class 11 English

Leela’s Friend Summary WB Board Class 11 English

Leela’s  Friend

R.K. N a r a y a n

Author – Rasipuram Krishnaswami lyer Narayanswami
Born – 1906
Death – 2001

About Author:-

Rasipuram Krishnaswami lyer Narayanswami is one of the most widely read Indian writers in English. His famous works include Swami and Friends (1935), The English Teacher (1945, The Guide ( 1958). Apart from novels, Narayan displayed versatility as an author in his essays, short stories, memories and travels.

Leela’s Friend is taken from R.K. Narayan’s popular short story collection the Malgudi days. The story explores the issues of the interaction between different social classes, friendship and trust, prejudice and exploitation.


Sidda finds employment servant in the house of Mr. Sivasanka. Sidda becomes an instant favourite of Mr. Sivasankar’s five year old daughter Leela. Sidda is expected to do plenty of work at a meagre salary. He also has the duty to be a playmate to Leela. Sidda in an obedient servant to the family and a charming playmate to Leela. Intimacy between Sidda and Leela is exquisitely demonstrated in the game they play together, Sidda tells her bed-time stories. Leela is impressed with Sidda’s knowledge of the moon. She teachers him the alphabets. One day the gold chain worm by Leela goes missing. Mrs. Sivasankar interrogates Sidda about it. That night Sidda runs away. A police complaint is flied against him by Leela’s parents. Sidda is captured by the police. He denies having taken the chain. Leela is very upset with  sidda’s absence. Finally, the gold chain is discovered in a tarmaried pot, but Mr. And Mrs. Sivasankar are not convinced of Sidda’s innocence.

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