Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 8 Science 1st Chapter “Crop Production And Management” solution

Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Science solution: “Crop Production And Management” Chapter 1. Here you get easy solutions of Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Science solution Chapter 1 . Here we give Chapter 1 all solution of Class 8. Its help you to complete your homework.

Board – CBSE

Text Book – SCIENCE

Class – 8

Chapter – 01


1) Crops like rice, wheat are being cut down.

2.) Harvesting.

3.) Sickle.

4.) Threshing.

5.) Combine.

6.) Combine.

7.) Winnowing.

8.) Milk, Egg, Meat.

9.) Cow, Goat.

10.) Chicken, Duck.

11.) Honey.

12.) Animal Husbandry.

13.) Protein.

14.) Vitamin A & B

15.) Food Corporation Of India.

16.) Fungus.

17.) Wheat, Maize, Paddy.

18.) Improves the fertility of soil by replenishing it with nitrogen.

19.) Rhizobium bacteria.

20.) Weeding.

21.) Preparation of soil.

22.) Hoe used for removing weeds, and loosening and turning the soil.

23.) sowing by hand or sowing with a seed drill.

24.) Transplantation.

25.) Fertilizer.

26.) Weeding.

27.) Paddy, Wheat.

28.) Wind.

29.) Sprinkler System, Drip Irrigation

30.) a> Crop, b> Preparation, c> Nutrients, d> float, e> Nitrogen, f> irrigation, g> weeds, h> Neem, i> Coastal.

Short answer type questions answer

31.) a> it is necessary to stop their spoilage during storage.

b>  The Two ways are gunny bags and grain silos.

32.)  a> Sprinkler system, b> Sprinkler system, c> Drip System. d> drip System.

33.) The Unwanted plants which grow along with a cultivated crop are called weeds.

34.) Irrigation is the process of supplying water to the crop. Irrigations is necessary to maintain the moisture in the soil.

35.) Some kind of soil can hold a large amount of water but some kind of soil can not hold a water for a long time. That’s why the irrigation requirements of a crop depend on the nature.

36.) In the sprinkler system, a main pipeline is laid in the fields. Perpendicular pipes having rotating nozzles at the top are joined to the main pipeline at regular intervals.

It advantages are the sprinkler system of irrigation is more useful for the Uneven land where sufficient water is not available.

37.) In the drip irrigation, there is a network of narrow pipes with small holes, in the fields. When water flows through the narrow pipes, it falls drop at the position of roots of the plants.

38.) The crops which are grown in winters and summers requires more water than crops grown in the rainy seasons. The kharif crops are those which are sown in the rainy season. The rabi crops are grown in the winter season. The Paddy is the kharif crop but the wheat is the rabi crop. That’s why  wheat requires more water for irrigation.

39.) Compared with the other seasons, the frequency of water of supply to the plants is always higher in the summer season because due to the transpiration the water loss increases, and this demands irrigation with the higher frequency than the normal level. That’s why to save the crops from the hot weather irrigation frequency in increased.

40.) Weeds are removed by pulling them out with hand, using a trowel, by spraying special chemicals calls weedicides.

41.) If Wheat is sown in the kharif season, It will not grow well, this is because wheat plants cannot tolerate too much water.

42.) Kharif Crops are : paddy, Maize, Cotton, Soyabean, groundnut.

Rabi Crops are : Wheat, Gram, Mustard, Linseed, Peas.

43.) When the same kind of plants are grown in the fields on a large scale to obtain foods like cereals, Pulses, vegetables and fruits is called a crop.

Two example of crops are Cereal crops, Pulses.

44.) Two types of crops are Kharif crops, Rabi crops.

45.) The various agriculture practices in the right sequence are : preparation of soil, Sowing, Adding manure and fertilizers, irrigation, Removal of weeds, Harvesting, storage of food grains.

46.) The soil is prepared for sowing the seeds of the crop by Ploughing, leveling and manuring.

47.) Plough used by farmers for ploughing the soil in the fields.

48.) The advantages of using seed drill are seeds are sown at the correct depth and depth and correct intervals. And also seeds get covered by soil, due to this seeds cannot be picked up and eaten.

49.) If seeds sown closely, then plant will be grown too closely abd will not get enough sunlight, water and other nutrients. If seeds sown too far apart, then it will be a wastage of field space.

50.) The process of of loosening and turning of the soil is called tilling or ploughing. Two implements are Hoe, Cultivator.


51.) Two beneficial effect of ploughing are – The loose soil allows the plant roots to penetrate freely and deeper into the soil, The loose soil allows the roots of plants to breathe easily.

52.) a> food corporation of India buy grains from farmers on large scale and store it in a big godowns so that it can be supplied throughout the country.

b> Pesticide solutions re spryed on the stacked gunny bags to protect grains from damage by pests.

53.) A manure is a natural substance obtained by the decomposition of animal wastes like cow-dung, human wastes and plant residues which supplies essential elements and humus to the soil and makes it more fertile.

The advantage of manure improves the soil texture for better retention of water and aeration.

54.) A fertilizer is any material of natural or synthetic origin that is applied to soils or to plant tissues to provide one or more plant nutrients required for growth of plant.

Two fertilizers are Urea, Ammonium sulphate.

Two harmful effects are : The excessive use of fertilizer changes the chemical nature of soil and makes the soil less fertile and also the cause water pollution in ponds, lakes and rivers etc.

55.) Soil get loses its fertile power by the repeated growing of crops in the same fields.

Fertilizers help the farmers  to increase the fertile power.

56.) The process of removing weeds from a crop field is called weeding.

Weeding is necessary because weeds compete with crop plants for water, nutrients, light and space.

57.) Destroying the weeds by spraying special chemicals called weedicides.

58.) During the spraying of weedicides, the person should cover his nose  and mouth properly with a piece of cloth.

Its necessary as to prevent the inhaling of poisonous weedicide.


                       Manure                      Fertiliser
A manure is a natural substance obtained by the decomposition of animal wastes. A fertilizer is a salt or an organic compound
A manure is not very rich in essential plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizers are very rich in plant nutrients like nitrogen, potassium.
A manure provides a lot of organic matter like humus to the soil. A fertilizer does not provide any humus to the soil
Manure can be prepared in the fields. Fertilizers are prepared in factories.

60.) a> the cutting and gathering of the matured food crop is called harvesting.

b> The process of beating out the grains from the harvested crop plants is called threshing.

c> A motorized machine called thresher is called threshing process.

61.) a> The two ways of storing food are gunny bags and grain silos.

62.) Two traditional method of Irrigation is Moat, Chain pump.

Two modern method of Irrigation is Sprinkler system and Drip system.

63.) Combine is a machine used in recovering the grain from already cut down.

64.) The branch of agriculture which deals with the feeding, shelter, health and breeding of domestic animals is called animal husbandry.


66.) The crops which are sown in the rainy season are called kharif crops. Two example is paddy, Maize

The crops grown in the winter season are called rabi crops. Two example is Wheat, gram.

67.) The process of scattering seeds in the ground soil for growing the crop plants is called sowing.

Methods of sowing are sowing by hand and sowing with a seed drill.

68.) The seeds which clean and healthy from infection and free from disease called good quality seeds.

How to select good and healthy seeds for sowing:

Take a bucket with full of water. Poured the seeds at the water and stir it. Seeds which are settle down at the bottom of the river are good and healthy seeds whereas the seeds which are float on water are spoiled seeds.

69.) (a) The process of transferring the seedlings from the nursery to the main field by hand is called transplantation.

Two crops which are grown by this process are Paddy and Tomatoes.

(b) Two advantages are:-

(i) It allows better penetration of the roots in the soil.

(ii) It promotes better development of the shoot system of plants.

(70) (a) The process by which water is supplied to crop plants in the fields called irrigation.

Irrigation is necessary because:-

(i) Make the soil soft.

(ii) Maintain the moisture of soil for healthy crop growth.

(b) Rivers, Canals, Dams, Ponds, Lakes, Rain etc.

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