Labelled diagram of Structure of Nephron

Hello Students, Here we are provided Labelled diagram of Structure of Nephron with pencil in a simple way. Drawing of Structure of Nephron can be huge struggle for beginners. CBSE / ICSE students who are always avoid drawing, this post is just for you!

Students of Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9 & Class 10 CBSE / ICSE board Students can follow this post. Here we have also added a Video by our Teacher, in where our Mam has indicated each Part as well as function of each part.

A kidney has large number of filtration units called Nephron. The structure of nephron contains capillaries, branch of renal artery, branch of renal vein, Glomerulus, Bowman’s capsule, tabular part of nephron and collecting duct. Capillary cluster in each kidney is associated with the Cup shaped end called Bowman’s capsule. Bowman’s capsule collects the filtrate. The Bowman’s capsule encloses the glomerulus. Blood enters the into the kidney through the renal artery and then water and solute particles are transferred to Bowman’s capsule.  Glucose and salt are selectively reabsorbed in the tubule. Some substances in the initial filtrate, such as glucose, Amino acids, salts and large amounts of water, are selectively reabsorbed as urine flows along the tube. The amount of water reabsorbed depends on the amount of water present in the body.

diagram Structure of Nephron

Discussion in video with function below – 

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