Labelled diagram of Neuromuscular Junction

Labelled diagram of Neuromuscular Junction

Neuromuscular Junction Diagram: A neuromuscular junction is a synaptic gap between a motor nerve and an effector muscle i.e. skeletal muscle. It connects and transmits messages from nervous system to nervous system. A neuromuscular junction is a highly specialized synapse formed between a motor neuron and a muscle fiber. These junctions convert electrical impulses generated by motor neurons into electrical actions in muscle fibers. As the action potential enters the motor neuron calcium enters the presynaptic terminal to stimulate neurotransmitter release. The neurotransmitters then cross the synaptic cleft and bind to their specific receptors on the surface of the muscle fiber. This initiates muscle action potential that cause muscle contraction or relaxation. Muscles contract when the nervous system sends signals. A motor neuron transmits a signal, called an action potential. A motor neuron meets a muscle cell at the neuromuscular junction. Muscle fibers are the cells that creates skeletal muscle tissue. Contraction and relaxation of muscles both occurs with the help of neuromuscular junction.

Diagram of Neuromuscular Junction

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