Labelled diagram of Budding in Hydra

Labelled diagram of Budding in Hydra

Labelled diagram of Budding in Hydra: In hydra, a small part of the body of the parent organism grows into a bud which then separates and becomes a new organism. Repeated mitotic divisions of its cells first produce a small growth called a bud on the side of its body. This bud then gradually grows into a small hydra and develops a mouth and tentacles. And finally, the tiny new hydra separates from itself to become the parent hydra and lives as an independent organism.

Organisms like Hydra use reproductive cells to reproduce in the process of budding. In Hydra, a bud develops as an outgrowth due to repeated cell divisions at a specific location. These buds develop into small individuals and, when fully mature, detaches from the parent body and become new independent individuals.

The various stages involved in the budding process are as follows:

1.) Small bud emerges from root cells.

2.) These buds receive nourishment from hydra.

3.) Then these buds grow prominently.

4.) The bud separates itself from the parent hydra.

5.) And finally live as independent organisms.

budding in hydra diagram

lebelled diagram of budding in hydra for 10th standard

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