KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Third Language Prose Unit 5 The Visit Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Third Language – The Visit

Class Nine (9)
Subject English
Language 3rd Language
Chapter 5
Chapter Name The Visit

The Visit Class 9 English Karnataka Board Kannada



THE VISIT – Debbie Heman


C1.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :

Discuss the answers with your partner.


1.) Where did grandpa and Debbie go every Saturday?

Answer: Grandpa and Debbie go to the nursing home every Saturday.


2.) Who did grandpa and Debbie meet?

Answer: Grandpa and Debbie meet The Cook, The Joke man, The Singer, The Grandmother, The Memory Lady and The Quiet Man.


3.) Why was Mr. Krull called ‘The quiet Man’?

Answer: Mr. Krull doesn’t have very much to talk. He was just listening to Grandpa or Debbie. He nod and smile and telling them to come back next week.


4.) What made Debbie go to the nursing home alone?

Answer: Grandpa was sick hence Debbie go to the nursing home alone.


5.)What did the grandmother show Grandpa at the nursing home?

Answer: The Grandmother show Grandpa pictures of her grandchildren at the nursing home.


6.) “Whoever visits the sick gives them life.”

a) Who said this?

Answer: Grandpa said this.


b.) Who was this said to?

Answer: This is said to Debbie.


c.) When was this said?

Answer: This was always said.


7.) “Nothing should stand in the way of doing good deed”

a.) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Grandpa is the speaker.


b.) Who was this said to?

Answer: This was said to Debbie.


c.) What do you understand by this statement?

Answer: Grandpa believed in this statement and when he was sick he told Debbie to visit the Nursing Home cause “Nothing should stand in the way of doing good deed”


C2.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each.

Discuss the answers with your partner.

1.) Why were the doctors shocked ?

Answer: Doctors said that they have done their best now the recovery of the Grandpa is in God’s hands. And when they saw Grandfather recovering they were shocked.


2.) What made Grandpa get well soon ?

Answer: Grandpa used to visit the nursing home, when people from Nursing home came to know that Grandpa is sick all of they came to see him which motivated him and helped to get well soon.


3.) Why did they visit the nursing home ?

Answer: They visit the nursing home because Grandpa believed that whoever visits the sick gives them life. And when Grandpa was sick, all friends from the Nursing home visited Grandpa in hospital and it gave Grandpa life.



V1.) Match the opposites:

A Answer
Laugh Cry
Remember Forget
Good Bad
Finish Start
Dry wet


Complete the table by filling the missing verb forms :

Present                                   Past                             Past participle

Grow                                       grew                            grown

Say                                          said                              said

Begin                                       began                           begun

Run                                         ran                               run

Come                                       came                            come



L3.) Frame questions for the following statements :

1) She has finished her work.

Answer: Has she finished her work.

2) They were late yesterday.

Answer: Were they late yesterday.

3) The doctor is treating the patient.

Answer: Is the doctor treating the patient.

4) They won’t be late tomorrow.

Answer: Won’t they be late tomorrow.

5) Girls are playing in the ground.

Answer: Are girls playing in the ground.

6) The teacher could teach better.

Answer: Could the teacher teach better.


L5.) Change the following direct sentences into indirect speech :

1) “The boy is reading a book.” said Mary.

Answer: Mary said that the boy was reading a book.


2) “Children are running into the class.” said Neha.

Answer: Neha said that children were running into the class.


3) “The cat is drinking milk.” said Rekha.

Answer: Rekha said that the cat was drinking milk.


4) “Teachers are sitting in the staff room.” said the student.

Answer: The student said that the teachers were sitting in the staff room.



A) Imagine that you are Nikil. Your friend Niharika is hospitalized. You go to meet her at the hospital. Discuss in pairs and write a small conversation between you and Niharika in about 10-15 lines using the clues given :

Nikil : Hello Niharika, how are you ?

Niharika : Hello Nikil, I’m fine. Come in.

Nikil : So, what happened?

Niharika : I got high fever.

Nikil : That’s bad, it weakens.

Niharika : Yes, hence doctor said that I need complete rest for two weeks.

Nikil : Yes, rest is important.

Niharika : But the treatment is good by the doctor, I think I will recover fast.

Nikil : Good, but you have to take medicine on time.

Niharika : Yes I am taking tablets on time.

Nikil : That’s good, This is “Get well soon” card for you. Get well soon.

Niharika : Oh! Thank you. I will be discharged soon.

Nikil : Great, see you then, bye.

Niharika : Bye.

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