KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Second Language Prose Unit 1 The Enchanted Pool Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Second Language – The Enchanted Pool

Class Nine (9)
Subject English
Language 2nd Language
Chapter 1
Chapter Name The Enchanted Pool


The Enchanted Pool Class 9 English Karnataka Board Kannada





Desirable qualities

Not so desirable qualities

Courage, amicability, gentleness, sympathy, kindness, helpfulness, enthusiasm, wisdom, affection, honesty, humility, faithfulness, endurance, perseverance, determination Selfishness, cruelty, negligence, callousness,

carelessness, arrogance



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1.) Who did Yudhistira ask to look for water?

Answer: Yudhistira asked Nakula to look for water.


2.) Why do you think Nakula was happy when he got to the place?

Answer: Nakule was happy to see the pool as he was thirsty.


3.) Can you give a word for ‘transparent’ which means almost the same?

Answer: Clear


4.) Why do you think Nakula did not obey the voice?

Answer: Nakula was very thirsty and quickly wanted to quench his thirst so he didn’t obey the voice.


5.) What happened to Nakula when he drank the water?

Answer: When Nakula drank the water, he began to feel terribly drowsy and he fell down; to all appearance dead.


6.) Why did Yudhistira send Sahadeva to see what the matter was?

Answer: Nakula didn’t return for a long time so he sent Sahadeva to see what the matter was.


7.) Why did Sahadeva meet the same fate as Nakula?

Answer: Sahadeva also ignored the warning as Naukla so he met the same fate as Nakula.


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1.) What did Arjuna see when he got to the pool?

Answer: Arjuna saw his brothers lying dead near the pool.


2.) Why do you think the voice did not allow Arjuna to drink water?

Answer: The voice wanted to ask Arjuna the questions and test him so it didn’t allow Aruna to drink water.


3.) Why did the invisible being laugh at Arjuna?

Answer: Arjuna got angry and said that he would shoot sharp arrows at the invisible being and kill it. The invisible being said that the arrows can’t even touch it and this made it laugh at Arjuna.


4.) What was the warning of the Yaksha to Yudhistira?

Answer: Yaksha told Yudhistira that his brothers died because they didn’t heed to the warning of the Yaksha and if also did the same thing, he might have the same fate as his brothers.


5.) Do you observe any difference between Arjuna and Yudhistira in their response to the invisible voice?

Answer: Yes, we can see a huge difference between Arjuna and Yudhistira’s response. When the voice warned Arjuna, he became very angry and shot his arrow toward the direction of the voice. But when the voice warned Yudhistira, he didn’t get angry, he stayed calmed. He understood that the voice of was the Yaksha and saw a possible way of redeeming the situation. He asked the bodiless voice to ask the questions.


6.) Why do you think all the brothers fell unconscious when they drank the water?

Answer: All the brothers didn’t heed the warning of the Yaksha and drank the water and fell unconscious.


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1.) According to Yudhistira, mind is faster than the wind. Do you agree with him?

Answer: Yes, I agree with Yudhistira.


2.) What is that, abandoning which , man becomes loved by all?

Answer: By abandoning pride, a man becomes loved by all.


3.) What is the answer of Yudhistira to the question, ‘Who rescues man in danger?’

Answer: Courage rescues man in danger.


4.) Why do you think the Yaksha gave Yudhistira a boon?

Answer: The Yaksha gave Yudhistira a boon because of his confidence to answer every question.


5.) Why did Yudhistira choose Nakula in preference to Bhima?

Answer: Yudhistira’s father had two wives – Kunti and Madri. He was Kunti’s son and Nakula was Madri’s son. Yudhistira didn’t want to be partial so he wanted Madri’s son to be revived.


6.) If you were Yudhistira ,how many questions would you be able to answer?

Answer: If I were Yudhistria, I would have been able to answer 2 or 3 questions.


7.) Why did Yama take the form of a Yaksha?

Answer: Yama took the form a Yaksha because he wanted to test Yudhistira and his brothers. Also he wanted to meet his son, Yudhistira.


C1.) The sequence of events has been jumbled up. Rearrange them and complete the given chart in pairs.


  • The sun was hot overhead and the five brothers grew more and more thirsty.
  • Yudhistira sent Nakula to fetch water.
  • When Nakula did not return for a long time, Yudhistira sent Sahadeva to see what the matter was.
  • Sahadeva also did not return for a long time.
  • Yudhistira was anxious when Bhima and Arjuna didnot return.
  • At lastYudhistira himself got to the place where all his brothers were lying dead.
  • Yudhistira obeyed the Yaksha and answered all his questions.
  • The Yaksha was pleased and granted life to all hisbrothers.


C2.) Hope you have enjoyed reading the story. Answer the following questions by choosing the correct option.

1.) Arjuna wanted to destroy the unseen foe, but first he had to quench his terrible thirst.

a.) ask permission from his brother.

b.) quench his terrible thirst.

c.) find out where it was.


2.) Yudhistira agreed to answer the questions of the Yaksha because he wanted to see a possible way of saving his brothers.

a.) he was afraid of the Yaksha.

b.) he knew the Yaksha.

c.) he wanted to see a possible way of saving his brothers.


3.) According to Yudhistira, happiness is the result of good conduct.

a) result of material comfort

b) result of good conduct

c) result of good friendship.


C3.) Here are some direct quotations from the story. Identify the speaker and write what each quotation suggests about the speaker. You can use the adjectives given in the box and may also add your own.


  Speaker Quotation Quality highlighted
1 Yudhistira “Please ask your questions.” Humility
2 Arjuna “Who are you? Come and standup to me. I will kill you.” Arrogance
3 Yudhistira “May the cloud-complexioned

lotus-eyed, broad-chested and long armed Nakula arise.”

4 Nakula “At a little distance I see water

plants and cranes. There must certainly be water there.”

5 Yaksha “Do not follow your brothers.

Answer my questions first and then quench your thirst.”



C4.) Discuss in pairs and answer each question below in a short paragraph (30- 40 words).


1.) “There must certainly be water there.” How do you think Nakula came to that conclusion?

Answer: When Nakula climbed the tree and saw that there were plants and cranes he came to conclusion that there must be water. He drew that conclusion because mostly cranes live near water so he guessed by looking at the cranes.


2.) “Arjuna wanted to destroy this unseen foe.” Why do you think he wanted to do so?

Answer: Arjuna saw that his two brothers were lying dead near the water. When he heard the invisible form giving warning to him he got angry and wanted to shoot his arrow and kill it. He got angry because the unseen foe had killed his brothers.


3.) “Yudhistira himself proceeded in the direction his brothers had taken.” What made Yudhistira take that decision?

Answer: Yudhistira got worried when his four brothers didn’t return after a long time. His anxiousness made him go in the direction where his brothers had gone.


4.) “Happiness is the result of good conduct.” Do you agree with this? Support your answer with an example.

Answer: Yes, I agree that happiness is the result of good conduct. When your conduct is good you have the satisfaction. It is always the good conduct and good behavior that results into happiness and satisfaction. When we are good with people, we have this satisfaction that we have done right and good.


5.) “May the cloud-complexioned Nakula, arise.” Why did Yudhistira choose Nakula in preference to Bhima and Arjuna?

Answer: Yudhistira’s father had two wives –Kunti and Madri. Yudhistira was Kunti’s son and Nakula was Madir’s son. Yudhistira wanted to be impartial so he choose Madri’s son Nakula. He was the eldest of all brothers and was wise so he chose Nakula over Bhima and Arjuna who were much stronger than Nakula.



Study the words

V1. From the text find the words or phrases that match these definitions and write them down. The number of the paragraph where you will find the words/phrases has been given in brackets.

1.) a small area of still water in a hollow place – pool.


2.) to be so excited, angry or interested etc. that you forget everything else – overwhelmed


3.) a feeling that you are better than other people – pride


4.) leave a place or habitat for ever – abandon


5.) alone or single – solitary


V2.) Read the dialogue between Yudhistira and Yaksha carefully, and match the items in ‘A’ with the items in ‘B’.

1.) Earth        –           mother


2.) Friend of a traveler    –   learning


3.) Power behind the sun –    god


4.) Faster than the wind  –     mind


5.) Result of good conduct –   happiness


After matching, frame appropriate sentences. One example is done.

1.) Mind is imagined to be faster than wind.


2.) Learning is a friend of a traveler.


3.) The power of god makes the sun shine.


4.) Happiness is the result of good conduct.


5.) The mother who brings up the children is more nobly sustaining than the earth.


We can form the opposites by adding prefixes to words. Now replace the underlined words with appropriate words beginning with ‘un’, ‘in’ or ‘im’.


1.) Bindu was unhappy because she could not get good marks.


2.) It is impossible to sing like Bhimsen Joshi .


3.) Anusha could not go to school because she was unwell.


4.) It is unwise to study overnight during exams.


5.) The officer dismissed the clerk because he was not incompetent.


6.) Man is mortal but great work of art is immortal.


Read and respond

Task 1. Read the following newspaper clipping carefully and answer the questions that follow. Check your answers with those of your friends.


1.) Who has issued these guidelines?

Answer: AUSPI has issued these guidelines.


2.) When did these guidelines come into effect?

Answer: The guidelines came into effect from November 9, 2012.


3.) What is the full form of CAF?

Answer: The full form of CAF is Customer Acquisition Form.


4.) How many connections can a customer hold in a single name?

Answer: A customer can hold more than 9 connections in a single name.


5.) Name some of the original proofs of identity. (You may ask your teacher.)

Answer: PAN card

Adhar card

Driving license


6) These guidelines are applicable to new customers.

a) old customers b) new customers c) teenagers.


Work in pairs. Match the words in the boxes with their meanings given below.


1) group of birds – flock

2) very big – huge

3) intelligent – clever

4) a title of respect used when speaking to a king/queen – majesty

5) certain – sure


Choose the correct answer.

1.) Akbar and Birbal were walking in the palace garden.

(in the field, in the palace garden, on the riverbank)


2.) The king’s men gave different answers.

(different answers, the same answer, the correct answer)


3.) Birbal’s answer was a clever answer.

(the correct answer, a clever answer, the wrong answer)


Now complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs given in brackets.

1.) The Pandavas chased (chase) the animal but it was a magic deer which spped (speed) in great leaps and bounds decoying the Pandavas far into the forest and then disappered(disappear).The Sun was hot overhead and the brothers grew (grow) more and more thirsty.


2.) According to the condition of the game, the Pandavasspent (spend) twelve years in the forest and the thirteenth year in disguise. When they returned (return) and demanded (demand)

Duryodana their kingdom, he refused (refuse) to return it. War followed (follow) as a consequence. The Pandavasdefeated (defeat) the Kauravas and regained (regain) their kingdom.


3.) The Pandavas ruled (rule) the kingdom for 36 years. Afterwards, they transferred (transfer) the crown to their grandson Parikshitha.


Task 2.) Choose some sentences in the positive form and change them into negative form.


1.) He was shocked.

Neg- He wasn’t shocked.


2.) Arjuna became angry.

Neg- Arjuna didn’t become angry.


3.) He drank the water.

Neg – He didn’t drink the water.


4.) He fell down.

Neg-He didn’t fall down.


5.) Sahadeva ignored the warning.

Neg- Sahadeva didn’t ignore the warning.


Task 3. Now, choose some sentences in the positive form and rewrite them in the question form.

1.) Sahadeva also ignored the warning.

Que- Did Sahadev also ignore the warning?


2.) Arjuna drank the water.

Que- Did Arjuna drink the water?


3.) Yudhistir was thirsty.

Que- Was Yudhistir thirsty?


4.) Happiness is the result of good conduct.

Que- Is happiness the result of good conduct?


5.) He is the slave of bad habits.

Que- Is he the slave of bad habits?


Task 5

Work in pairs. Take turns to ask questions to your partner using the incomplete questions in the quiz below. You will need to use appropriate ‘wh-’ words. Answer your partner’s



a.) When did India become independent?


b.) Where would you spend your holidays?


c.) Who was the world’s first woman Prime Minister?


d.) Whichis the biggest flower in the world?


e.) How many years does a millennium have?


f.) Where can you find lions in India?


g.) How many colours are there in the rainbow?


h.) Why does oil float on water?


i.) Where do you think a mermaid can be found?


j.) Where do you stay in holidays?


Task 6.) India’s first woman commercial pilot Durba Banerjee, was interviewed by some students. Her answers to the questions are given below. Can you guess the questions that she was asked.


1.) Why did you want to become a pilot?

In my time, girls were just becoming teachers and doctors.

I thought I should be completely different.


2.) When was your first flight?

I first started flying in 1951.


3.) How much was your first salary?

My salary was only Rs. 356 when I first joined as pilot.


4.) Did the male pilots accept you?

The male pilots accepted me almost immediately.


5.) Where did you?

I went to the US as the Indian representative at the WorldLady Pilot’s Association gathering.


6.) Why did you not get married?

I never married as I thought my career would not allow meto devote sufficient time to family life.


7.) What message would you like to give to the girls who wish to be in this field?

Many girls think that a pilot’s life is glamorous but theyhave to be willing to sacrifice a lot. It is a hard life with nofixed hours.


8.) When was your last flight?

I stopped flying in 1989 when I retired from IA.


Now replace the underlined clauses with an infinitive construction.

e.g., We were pleased when we heard the news.

We were pleased to hear the news.

1.) The doctor told him that he should rest for a few days.

Answer: The doctor told him to rest for a few days.


2.) I hope that I shall build a new house soon.

Answer: I hope to build a new house soon.


3.) The boy promised that he would not make the mistake once again.

Answer: The boy promised not to make the mistake once again.


4.) The people were shocked when they saw the accident.

Answer: The people were shocked to see the accident.


5.) Shreya was told that she must report for duty the next day.

Answer: Sherya was told to report for duty the next day.


6.) The teacher told the students that they should do their workcarefully.

Answer: The teacher told the students to do their work carefully.


Task 8.) Now complete these sentences using infinitives.

1.) I cannot decide where to go this vacation.


2.) Bindu wants to know how to make a chocolate cake.


3.) I do not know what to eat at the restaurant.


4.) Ranjan is learning how to speak French.


5.) Please tell me where to go.


Here are some other ways sharp can be used.


1.) I have a sharp pain on my chest.

Answer: Intense pain


2.) There are many sharp curves on Sringeri-Koppa road.

Answer: Having edge on point


3.) Please be here at seven o’clock sharp.

Answer: Exactly


4.) The picture quality of the LED television set is sharp.

Answer: Clear


5.) Lemons have a sharp taste

Answer: Acidic taste

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