KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Third Language Unit 1 In A Vegetable Shop and Water Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Third Language – In A Vegetable Shop and Water

Class Six (6)
Subject English
Language 3rd Language
Chapter 1
Chapter Name In A Vegetable Shop and Water

In A Vegetable Shop Class 6 English Karnataka Board Kannada


UNIT – 1





Why did Kiran’s mother send him to buy vegetables?

Answer: Because Kiran’s mother was busy at home hence, she sends Kiran to buy vegetables.


The colour of carrots ___________, beans __________ and tomato ____________.

Answer: The colour of carrots orange, beans Green and tomato red.


Which is the softest vegetable of the three? Match the lists below:

Carrot – Softer

Beans – Softest

Tomato – Soft

Answer: Beans are softest vegetable of three.


Are curry leaves sweet to eat ?



Which are the leaves sprinkled on salads and curries ?

Answer:Curry leaves are the leaves sprinkled on salads and curries.


Which vegetable did Kiran buy from the shop ?

Answer:Kiran bought Spinach and tomatoes.


What did the shopkeeper tell Kiran to do ?

Answer: Shopkeeper told Kiran to buy curry leaves one or two for a day and also told him that he can have all these over a week.


I.) Comprehension:

B.) Match the following vegetables in column A with their benefits mentioned in column B:

A                                                                                 Answer

1.) Pumpkin                                                     b) helps us to be slim

2.) Beans                                                         d) have vitamins and minerals

3.) Carrots                                                       e) keep our eyes bright

4.) Spinach                                                      a) gives iron content

5.) Tomato                                                       c) can be eaten in soup or salad


C.) Classify the vegetables shown in the picture under the following headings:

Grow under the ground Grow on creepers Grow on small plants Grow on trees



Radish pod Lady finger,




Green pea,


Curry leaves,



D.) In every place, some fruits grow better than in other places. Below are pictures of fruits given against the names of places where they are grown. Write the names of the fruits beside the picture.

1.) Vijayapura – Grapes

2.) Tumakuru – Jackfruite

3.) Nanjangud – Banana

4.) Coorg –Orange

5.) Kolar – Mango

6.) Raichur – Custard apple.


F.) Match the following occasions and greetings:

A                                                                                                                     Answer

1.) It’s my birthday today.                                            e. Many happy returns of the day!

2.) Thank you for your help in doing this exercise.                                       d. Welcome.

3.) I’m going on a picnic tomorrow.                                                    c. Have a nice time.

4.) This is my friend, Shanti.                                                     b. Hello, glad to meet you.

5.) I got the highest marks in the test!                                                  a. Congratulations!





i.) What are the main ideas in the first stanza?

Answer: The main ideas in the first stanza are water doesn’t have taste and smell. We can find water in the waterfall and pump, tap and in the well.


ii.) What is the main idea in the second stanza?

Answer: The main ideas in the second stanza is the water is almost everywhere, it is in the rain, in the pond and in the sea.


iii.) What is the main idea in the third stanza?

Answer: In the third stanza the poet says that water comes in this eye and down on the cheek in the form of tear when the mother of poet cries and tell to wash behind ears.


I.) Comprehension

A.) Write down in the blanks given below the pairs of rhyming words in the poem.

An example is given for you. _all__ – _fall_ ;

Smell – Well

Rain – Again

Tears – Ears

Eyes – cries


II.) Vocabulary:

A.) Match the words on the left with their description on the right.

i.) Rain – d. water comes from the clouds

ii.) Well – f. has water from an underground source

iii.) Pond –  b. rain water gets collected here

iv.) sea –e. has salt and many minerals

v.) waterfall –c. water comes in a rush over rocks

vi.) tears – a. flow from the eyes.


Where can we see water? Match the words and pictures that are given below by drawing lines connecting them.

1.) Sea

2.) Tears

3.) Tap

4.) Pond

5.) Well

6.) Rain

7.) Waterfall

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