KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language Supplementary Reading Unit 2 Channapatna Toys Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language – Channapatna Toys

Class Six (6)
Subject English
Language 2nd Language
Chapter 2
Chapter Name Channapatna Toys

Channapatna Toys Class 6 English Karnataka Board Kannada






Let’s Understand:

I.) Answer the following questions briefly :

1.) Which organization is helping the toy makers?

Answer: Maya Organic, an NGO is helping the toy makers.


2.) How were the toys made in olden days?

Answer: In olden day, toys were chipped away on a piece of wood.


3.) How are the toys made in ‘Maya Organic’ now?

Answer: Now in ‘Maya Organi’ workers chip away on power lathes and make toys.


4.) What is the opinion of Mr.Girish about toy making?

Answer: Mr.Girish who has been in the toy making industry told that the toys are world famous. They are protected as a Geographical Indication (GI) under the WTO (World Trade Organization). These toys are made out of Aale Mara (Ivory wood) or Wrightia tinctoria tree.


5.) How did the toy industry originate in Channapatna?

Answer: Tippu Sultan was a famous king who loved children very much. He brought Persian toy makers to his kingdom. Persian toy makers trained local artisAnswer: They left this wonderful art in our state and this is how the toy industry originated in Channapatna.


6.) What is special about Channapatna toys?

Answer: The use of vegetable colors makes Channapatan toys special. Also they are protected as a Geographical indication under World Trade Organization.


7.) What type of wood is used to make Channapatna toys?

Answer: Aale Mara (Ivory wood) is used to make Channapatna toys.


8.) What is special about Lacquerware craft complex?

Answer: The government has constructed a Lacquerware craft complex on Tatte Kere

Road. Other than toys, they make cricket bats, wickets, photo frames, trophy bases, spectacle holders, etc.


9.) What do the toy makers make besides toys?

Answer: Besides toys, the toy makers make cricket bats, wickets, photo frames, trophy bases, spectacle holders, etc.


10.) How is the Karnataka government helping the artisans?

Answer: The Karnataka government is giving training to the artisans with the help of KSHDC (Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation).


Let’s Practise Words :

(a) What are the full forms of the following abbreviations? Find out from a dictionary or from your friends.

  • NGO – Non- Governmental Organization


  • GI – Geographical Indication


  • WHO – World Health Organization


  • PIN – Postal Index Number


  • WTO – World Trade Organization


  • SSLC – Secondary School Leaving Certificate


  • KMF – Karnataka Milk Federation


  • CM – Chief Minister


  • PM – Prime Minister


  • IAS – Indian Administrative Service


  • KPSC – Karnataka Public Service Commission


(b) With the help of a dictionary, write down some more short forms / abbreviations and their expansions:

Let’s Speak :

1.) If you get a chance to visit Channapatna, what would you like to see there?

Answer: I would definitely visit the toy industry.


2.) If you happen to meet some toy makers, what questions will you ask them?

Answer: If I get a chance, then I will ask following questions:

1.) Since when you have been in this industry?

2.) What is the process of making toys?

3.) What is unique about their toys?

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