KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language Prose Unit 5 A Chat With A Grasshopper Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language – A Chat With A Grasshopper

Class Six (6)
Subject English
Language 2nd Language
Chapter 5
Chapter Name A Chat With A Grasshopper

A Chat With A Grasshopper Class 6 English Karnataka Board Kannada






C1.) Read the questions and discuss the answers :


1.) What helps a grasshopper fly ?

Answer: The two sets of wings help a grasshopper fly.


2.) How many wings does a grasshopper have ?

  1. 4. 6. 8. 10.

Answer: A grasshopper has 4 legs.


3.) How many eyes does a grasshopper have ?

  1. 3. 5. 7. 9.

Answer: A grasshopper has 5 eyes.


4.) How long are the world’s largest grasshoppers ?

20 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm.

Answer: The female grasshopper is 60-90 millimetre long and the male is 45-55 millimetre long.


5.) Grasshopper makes a chirping sound by:

a) rubbing two legs together

b) rubbing one of its legs along one of its wings.

c) rubbing its wings together.

d) rubbing its back leg against one of its antennae.


6.) Say True or False:

A grasshopper is blind and deaf.


It has 5 eyes but has no ears.


7.) Grasshoppers do not have ears, yet they can pick up vibrations. How?

Answer: The antennas of the grasshoppers help them to pick up vibrations from the air and the ground.


Let’s Practise Words :

V1.) Read the lesson on grasshoppers again. Look at the words given below. Which of these words are used in the lesson? Circle them :

farmer, toxic, exoskeleton, strong, fruits


vibration, weird, turnbull, housefly, insecticide


V2.) Find words from the lesson with the following meanings :

a) grain used to make flour. Wheat


b) poisonous to eat or drink. Toxic


c) an enemy. Foe


d) outside skin of an animal body. Exoskeleton


e) two long thin parts on the heads of some insects. Antenna


V3.) Read the text and fill in the blanks using the appropriate words:

1.) The two-striped grasshopper will eat plants that are toxic to cattle.


2.) The grasshoppers make sounds of chirp chirp on a summer-night.


3.) The antenna organ can pick up vibrations from the air and on the ground to the grasshopper.


V4.) Choose the correct answers from the words given in brackets:

1.) The insects that make the sound of buzz bees.

2.) The insects that irritate at night mosquitoes.

3.) The insects that build their own webs spiders.

4.) The insects that reform as butterflies caterpillars.


V5.) Collect words for the male, the female and the young ones of animals and complete the following table. One has been done for you.

Animal Male Female Young Ones
Horse stallion mare foal
Lion Lion Lioness Cub
Goat Billy goat nanny goat Kid
Tiger Tiger Tigress Cub
Cock Cock Hen chick


Let’s Write :



a) Read the lesson once more. Write a short paragraph about grasshoppers in five to six sentences.

Answer: Grasshopper are a farmer’s friend. It lives in different places. There are about 11,000 to 18,000 varieties of grasshoppers in this world. They have two sets of wings for flying. They have two legs to walk, jump and run around. They have five eyes and a pair of antennae. The antennae help them to sense danger. Their antennas help them to pick up vibrations from the air and the ground. They have an exoskeleton which means the skeleton is on the outside of their bodies.


Now fill in the bubbles in the web diagram with the most important facts that you have read about the white tiger.

Answer: White Tiger –

It has a creamy white fur covered with red stripes.

It has blue eyes, and a pink nose.

They are good swimmers.

They hunt at night.


II.) Sit in pairs, discuss with your partner and write two sentences on how the tiger can be saved

1.) There should be strict laws against hunting.

2.) There should not be deforestation.


S1.) Ask questions to your partner about the grasshopper using the clues. One has been done for you.

e.g. What does a grasshopper eat? (what/eat)

1.) (where/live)

Where does a grasshopper live?


2.) (how many/eyes)

How many eyes does a grasshopper have?


S3.) Sit in pairs. Read the following statements and frame questions. Use the clues given in the brackets:

One has been done for you.

e.g. A : My father is a teacher.

What is your father? (what)


1.) A: This book is (mine).

B: Whose book is this? (whose)


2.) A: I like blue colour.

B: What is your favorite color? (what)

What color do you like?


3.) A: We celebrate Vanamahotsava on June 5th.

B: When do we celebrate Vanamahotsava? (when)


4.) A: Deon likes cows because they give us milk.

B: Why does Deon like cows? (why)


5.) A: Sachin is my favourite batsman.

B: Who is your favorite batsman? (who)


6.) A: Naija goes to school every day.

B: Where does Najja go every day? (where)


Write some more instructions/slogans you know:

1) Be aware of the dog.

2) Don’t park your vehicles here.

3) Don’t forget to wear your mask.


Where do you see the following instructions/warnings?

  • Beware of dogs. – In front of gate/ building
  • Thanks for not smoking. – At public places
  • Leave your footwear outside.- Outside clinics, temples, etc.
  • Switch off your mobile phone. At hospital

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