KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language Poem Unit 5 The Fly Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language – The Fly

Board                                    KSEEB
Class Six (6)
Subject English
Language 2nd Language
Chapter 5
Chapter Name The Fly

The Fly Class 6 English Karnataka Board Kannada





(a) Match the sound makers with the sounds they make.

1) a dog     –   d. barks

2) a cow   –    g. moos

3) a fly    –      a. buzzes

4) a crow   –    c. caws

5) a bird    –  b. chirps

6) a snake –   h. hisses

7) a cat   –     e .mews

8) a horse   –  f. neighs


Answer the following questions:


1.) Where was the fly found?

Answer: The fly was found in the poet’s bedroom.


2.) How did the poet feel when he saw the fly?

Answer: The poet felt insane when he saw the fly.


3.) Why can’t the poet sleep?

Answer: The fly kept buzzing and disturbed the poet. It went close to the poet’s nose and eyes and this is why the poet couldn’t sleep.


4.) Does the poem make you laugh? What is so funny?

Answer: Yes, the poem made me laugh. The buzzing of the fly and disturbing the poet make everything funny.


5) Make a list of the places where the fly goes.

Answer: Bedroom, wardrobe, window pane, lampshade, pillow, ceiling, bedpost, door.


Let’s appreciate :

1.) Pick out the rhyming words from the poem.

Answer:  Insane –    pane

Close   –    nose

Insane  –   again

Again  –     pain

Floor    –     door

Eyes    –     surprise


2.) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the poem.


a.) There’s a fly inside my bedroom.

b.) It’s flying round the lampshade.

c.) It’s walking on my nose.

d.) It’s looking in my eyeball.

e.) It’s walking on the floor.

f.) It’s flying round my toys.

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