Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Chapter 4 Nayakas Palegaras and Naada Prabhus Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science History Class 7 Chapter 4 Nayakas Palegaras and Naada Prabhus Exercise Question and Answer.

Question and Answer:  (4.1)

(Q1) Fillups

(i) Abbakkadevi

(ii) Chatrapathi Rajaram, (the Son of Shivaji)

(Q2) Question/ answer in one sentences:

A1) Shivappa Nayaka is called Padugadalodeya in the Keladi history.

A2) Shivappa Nayaka encouraged the traders of Goa to settle in this state for the development of trade. They were experts in agriculture. So he provided land and other contributions.

A3) The revenue system started by Shivappa Nayaka was collect as ‘Sistu’

A4) Rani Chennammaji is the daughter in law of Shivappa Nayaka.

(Q3) Achievements of Hiriya Venkatappa Nayaka are: –

=> The Keladi kingdom attained compete freedom.

=> He took out military expedition till River Chandragiri in the coastal region.

=> He defeated the Portuguese, Adil Shahi forces.

=> He encouraged all region and established victory pillar.

(II) Achievements of Nayakas of Keladi:

=> The Keladi king founded temples, Agraharas, and veershaiva mutts.

The mutts were the centres of boarding and education.

They contributed generously to all religions.

Shivappa built strong forts in Mangalore. He started revenue system, he also encourage the traders of Goa.

Question and Answer: (4.2)

A1) Matthi Thimmanna Nayaka was the first king of the Nayaka of Chitradurga.

A2) Raajaveer Madakari Nayaka: He is the most powerful and popular among the Nayakas of Chitradurga. He ascended the throne at the age of Twelve years – He helped Hyder Ali several times during wars. But he was jealous of the Raajaveer.

A3) Hyder Ali tried to enter the fort through a secret entrance in the absence of the watchman. At that time the wife of watchman called Obavva, and he killed the enemies with her wooden pestle (Onake), like this Obavva protect her kingdom, this is why we still remember Onake Obavva.

A4) Tanks built by the Chitradurga Chieftains are “The Bharamasagara and Bheemasamudra tanks.

Question and Answer: (4.3)

1) Founder of the Surapura Province is ‘Gaddipadda Nayaka”.

2) Peethambari Baharipidda Nayaka made ‘Surapura’ his capital.

Discuss in groups and answer the following question:

1) Achievements of Nalavadi Venkatappa Nayaka:

I) He fought against the British by unifying South Indian kings in Surat and move towards Hyderabad.

II) The Surapura Nayaka have contributed to the filled with culture.

III) They built tanks, temples, wells, forts, and palaces.

Iv) They had provided Inam land to sustain the worship of their God Venkataramana and Gopalaswami temple at Tirupathi.

V) They had offered patronage to many artist, Sculpture, and musicians.

2) Literacy contribution of the Surapura Chieftains:

I) The Surapura Nayakas have a contributions, to the field of literature in all languages.

II) Many literary works of good values were written during the region.

III) They were known for their religious tolerance.

Ch – 4 (4.4)

Q1) Answer the following question in one sentence:

The founder of Yelahanka Naadaprabhu dynasty is “Ranabhaire Gowda”.

Founder of Bengaluru city is “Hiriya Kempe Gowda”.

Yelahanka, Bengaluru and Magadi were the capitals of Yelahanka Naadaprabhu.

The title given to Kempegowda – II was ‘Nava Kaviata Gumbhapumbhavani’.

Q2) Answer in one sentence:

1.) Achievements of Hiriya Kempegowda:

He founded Bengaluru city

He built Basava temple of Basavanagudi, Someshwara temple of Halasuru.

He built several tanks like Dharmambudhi tank, Halasur tank and Sampangi tank.

He built several choultries and agraharas.

He also earned the title ‘Prajavatsala’ in recognition of his pious administration.

2.) Kempegowda- II:

He is the elder Son of Hiriya.

He started to rule the Magadi and Kunigal and made Magadi his capital.

He had marked the borders of Bengaluru and had built 4 watchtowers in the market place.

– He built a fort at Megadi, Savanadurga, Huliyurdurga, Huthridurga and others.

He also constructed the temples and tanks.

He earned the title ‘Nava Kaviata Gumbhapumbhavani’ for his literary achievement.

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