Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Chapter 3 Bhakthi Cult and Sufi Heritage Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Class 7 Chapter 3 Bhakthi Cult and Sufi Heritage Exercise Question and Answer.


1) Channamallikarjuna.

2) Krishna devaraya

3) Kana kadasa

4) Shishunala Sheriffa

5) Vishwambara

6) Gesuhdaraj

(Q2) Answer the following questions in one Sentence each:

A1) Aandal’s original name was ‘Godadevi’.

A2) Akkamahadevi was born in Uduthadi of Shivamoga District.

A3) Karnataka Sangeetha Pithamaha was purandara Dasa (Father of Carnatic music).

A4) Kanakadasa’s parents were Beerappa and Bachamma.

A5) Granth Sahib is the Sacred book of Sikhs.

A6) Meerabai is called as Radha of Kaliyuga.

A7) Sufi means clean and clear.

A8) Sufi Saints of India are Nizamuddin Auliya, Bande Nawaz, Moinuddin chisti, and salim chisti are some of the Sufi saints of India.

A9) Moinuddin Chisti was the founder of the Chisti cult

A10) Shishunala Sharifa was the first Kannada Muslim poet.

(Q3) Answer the following in two three sentence each:

A1) Message of Kabirdas are:

Kabirdasa tired to bring Hindu – Muslim Unity.

He condemned cast system, luxurious life, and discrimination based on religion.

He described Hindu Muslims are part of same clay.

A2) Teachings of Gurunanak are:

He was the founder of Sikh regions.

He stressed on good views of Hindu and Muslims religions.

He said one can gain Guru through Bhakthi and with Bhakthi one can attains Mukthi.

A3) Influences of Bhakti cult are:

– Bhakthi saints created harmony between Hindu and Muslims.

– Bhakthi saints wrote in simple common man’s language.

A4) Matching:

       A                                                      B

1) Gurunanak                           3 a) Sufi Saint

2) Chaithanya                          1 b) Sikh religion

3) Nijamauddin Aulia             4 c) Radha of Kaliyuga

4) Meerabai                             2 d) Harekrishna Cult

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