Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Chapter 25 Antarctica Solution

Karnataka State Board (KSEEB) Social Science Geography Class 7 Chapter 25 Antarctica Exercise Question and Answer.

Q.1 Answer the following questions.

1.) Mention the location and extent of Antarctica.

Answer – Location and extent of Antarctica are as follows,

  • Location : Antarctica is the continent which surrounds the South Pole. Most of the continent lies within the Antarctic Circle or 660.30′ south latitude. A unique position of the continent is that it is opposite to the Arctic ocean around the North pole.
  • Extent : Antarctica is the fifth largest continent. Its total area is 14.2 million km2. It is larger than China and India and is more than one and half the size of the U.S.A.

2.) Explain the physical setting of Antarctica.

Answer – The continent of Antarctica is surrounded by a water body. It is often called the Southern Ocean or Antarctic Ocean. But it is not a separate water

body. Instead it is formed by the meeting of southern parts of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. CapeHorn, the southern extreme end of South America is the nearest land to this continent. It lies at a distance of 990km. Antarctica is bound by the Indian Ocean in the east, Pacific Ocean in

the west and Atlantic Ocean in the northwest.

3.) Antarctica is known as the `white continent’. Why?

Answer – Ice and snow cover about 98% of the Antarctica. Therefore most of the relief features of the continent are covered by ice sheets. High mountain peaks and a few plateaus are the only visible land surfaces. The ice layer, which approximately 2300 metres thick, makes it look white. Therefore, Antarctica is called”the White Continent.”

4.) Mention the important mountains and peaks of Antarctica.

Answer – Trans-Antarctic Mountain and Vinson Massif are the highest peaks of Antarctica.

5.) Name the plants and animals of Antarctica.

Answer – Plants And Animals Of Antarctica are

Plants like Moss,Lichen and Algae, living on rocks and between the rocks.

Animals like Krill, Penguin, Whales, Seals, and Variety of Sea Birds.

6.) Mention research centres of India in Antarctica.

Answer – Dakshina Gangotri is the first research centres and Maitri is the second research centres of India in Antarctica.

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