Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Chapter 2 Bahmani Adil Shah’s Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Class 7 Chapter 2 Bahmani Adil Shah’s Exercise Question and Answer.


1.) 1886 CE

2.) Tajuddin Firoz Shah

3.) Firozabada

4.) 1461 CE

5.) Qasim Shahs

6.) Quli Qutub Shah

7.) Fathullah.


1.) Founder of Bohmani Dynasty is “Allauddin Hosan Gangu Bahman Shah”.

2.) Mohammed Gawan was a “Persian”.

3.) Solahkhamba masque was in “Bidar”

4.) Prominent person amoung Adil Shahi Sultans is yusuf Ali Adil Shah.

5.) Ibrahim Rauza Masjid is known as Taj Mahal of South India.

6.) Golgumbuz was famaous for

7.) Ibrahim Adil shah got a title called “Jagadguru Badshah”

(Q3) (1) Mohammed gawan’s achievements are:

He made the Bahmani Dynasty, he was a prime Minister

He captured hubballi, Belgavi and Goa.

He encouraged revenue and postal services

He fixed taxes on the basis of land’s fertility and irrigation facility and removal some taxes which were annoying the people.

He founded Madrasa in Bidar. with free education and hostel facilities.

Madarasa encouraged Islamic religion and law.

(2) Five Shahi Dynasties are:

1.) Adil Shahs of Vijayapur

2.) Barid Shahs of Bidar

3.) Qutub Shahs of Golkonda

4.) Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar

5.) Imad shahs of Berar.

(3) Ibrahim Adil Shahi has religious tolerance:

He was tolerant of other religions. He shattered many Hindu Philosophers, poet and musicians in his court. He renovated Dutta temples in his fort and encouraged Puja rituals. He worked for the Cultural harmony of Hindu – Muslim.

(Q4) Match the following:

          A                                               B

Adil Shahi C                            A. Ahmed Nagar

Qutub Shahi E                       B. Birar

Nizam Shahi                      C. Vijayapura

Imaad Shahi B                       D. Bidar

Barid Shahi D                         E. Golkonda

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