Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Chapter 19 Progress in Different Fields Solution

Karnataka State Board (KSEEB) Social Science History Class 7 Chapter 19 Progress in Different Fields Exercise Question and Answer.

I) Answer the following in two or three sentences each.

1) What is meant by communication system?

Answer-   The process of sending news or information from one person to another or from one place to another is known as ‘Communication system’.

2) Which are the three important media of communication?

Answer-   There are three important Media of Communication

a) Print media

b) Electronic media

c) Entertainment media

3) What is meant by ‘Information Technology?

Answer-  The present age is called ‘Age of Information’. The creation and spread of information with the help of technology is called Information Technology.

4) What do you mean by ‘Biotechnology’?

Answer-   The changes that took place towards the end of the 20th century in Information Technology and Bio-technology fields are very revolutionary.

5) Which are the districts in Karnataka that have Biotechnology parks?

Answer-  Bengaluru and Dharwad are the districts in Karnataka that have Biotechnology parks.

6) Explain the importance of organic farming.

Answer- Nowadays, Organic farming have been using modern cultivation methods are being adopted in agriculture to increase production. Due to wide spread of Chemical pesticides and fertilizers is resulting in harmful effects on the soil.

7) What is meant by ‘Soil Erosion;?

Answer – The washing away of the upper fertile layer of soil due to natural processes like wind, rain and floods is called “Soil Erosion”.

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