Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Chapter 17 Pro Social Movements of Karnataka Solution

Karnataka State Board (KSEEB) Social Science History Class 7 Chapter 17 Pro Social Movements of Karnataka Exercise Question and Answer.


Q.1 Answer in one word or sentence each.

1.) Why did the movement ‘Save the source of Tunga’ begin?

Answer – The Tunga River protection drive agitation started after

People realized that the river was getting polluted so the movement ‘Save the source of Tunga’.

2.) What is meant by ‘Appiko’ movement?

Answer – To grow and protect trees and to prevent their destruction is meant by ‘Appiko’ Movement.

3.) What is ‘Social Forestry’?

Answer – Planting imported plants like Nilgiri and Acacia is called as Social Forestry.

4.) Who were the first women B.A.(Honours) degree holders?

Answer – Srirangamma and Rukmanamma were first women B.A.Honours degree holder.

Q.2 Answer in two or three sentences each.

1) Why should we save ancient lakes?

Answer –  We should save ancient lakes as due to huge pollution natural resources are damaged. Saving lakes will help us to get water for longer usage.

2) Name the important movements relating to the protection of the environment.

Answer – a) Sahyadri Mining Protest

b) Social Forestry

c) Chipko and Appiko

are the important movements relating to the protection of the environment.

3) Why did the Dalit Movement begin?

Answer – Dalits had no place in the caste system, they were considered as lower than the lowest. They were kepts away from the society for the sole reason that they were born in untouchable families. The Non-Brahmins movemnts that started in the 20th ceintury did not include the dalits. Protesting against this Dalits movement started in 1970.

4) What are the catch words of the Dalit Movement?

Answer – Organization, Education and Agitation were the catch words of the Dalit Movements.

Q.3 Discuss.

1.) The social and economic changes that have taken place in your area due to the working of the Panchayat Raj system.

Answer – Panchayat Raj System are served without any discrimination. New Schools, New Roads are built. Water Supply is statisfactory. Without any partiality Education is provided to each caste student.

2.) The achievements of the dalit movements.

Answer – It is the result of the consciousness of Dalits of their own identity as human beings, equally equipped with physical and mental capacities as other human beings, and equally entitled to enjoy all the human rights “without any infringement, abridgement or limitations.”

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