Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Chapter 14 First War of Indian Independence (1857 – 58) Solution

Karnataka State Board (KSEEB) Social Science History Class 7 Chapter 14 First War of Indian Independence (1857 – 58) Exercise Question and Answer.

Q.1  Answer the following in a word or sentence each.

1.) What was the immediate cause of the 1857 struggle for Independence?

Answer-   A new kind of gun (Enfield Rifle)that was brought into the army become the immediate cause for the revolt.

2.) Who was Mangal Pandey?

Answer- Mangal pandey was an Indian Soldier.

3.) Mention one result of the 1857 revolt.

Answer-   It had serious consequences on India’s political, economic and cultural field.

4.) Who was the first person to refer to the 1857 struggle as “The First War of Indian Independence”?

Answer-   Vinayak  Damodar  Savarkar was the first one to refer to the struggle as the first war of Independence.

Q.2   Write short notes on. 

1.) The political causes for the 1857 fight.

Answer-   The political causes of 1857 fight was the doctrin of Subsidairy Alliance implemented by Lord Wellesley and Lord Dalhousie’s Doctrine of Lapse rendered many kings and Nawabs. The city like Jaipur, Satara, Sambalpur, Udaipur, Jhansi, Oudh, and others had been occupied by Dalhousie. Political pressure was there due to this Mughal king, Bahadur Shah, had been reduced to a king name.

2.) Mangal Pandey.

Answer – Mangal Pandey was and Indian Soldier who refused to use the fat-smeared catridge and killed a British official in broad day light in 1857. This revolt began on May 10, 1857 at Meerut.

3.) Jhansi Rani Laxmibai

Answer- Rani Laxmibai was called as Jhansi ki Rani Laxmibai.  She was part of Indian Revolt in 1857.

5.) Bahadur Shah II

Answer – Bahadur shah had a great role in fight against British in 1857. The people who died in struggle became martyrs Bahadur Shah is one of them. Due to this problematic situation and political pressure, the Mughal king, Bahadur Shah, had been reduced to a king only in a name.

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